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What safety razor should i get? im a beginner


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I'll bet your head is spinning by now @francospa!

My head is still swimming over all the choices a available these days. We are lucky.

But that said, I go along with the vintage razor mentioned here, the Gillette Tech. Very easy shaver, it seems good with all blades and it's forgiving. It's a great beginner tool. The Schick Krona is another great, easy shaver from the 60's that won't nick you up or leave you irritated. It has a longer handle which you might find more comfortable if you're just coming out of the cartridge world as well. Both can be had for about 20 bucks.

They're not the sexiest razors on the market, but there's a reason they were such great sellers in their day.
I've been thinking "Tech" all the way through this thread. They are great razors for little cost. The only two DE razors I have and use are an aluminum Tech I got for $12 and a Gillette New Long Comb. Both shave very well.
Lots of recommendations.

To the OP:

The Astra SP blades will shave just fine.


Any of the razors you listed should work...though I wish someone had recommended a Tech (or even a Superspeed) to me when I first started.


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There are many types of razors, but only one ARKO.
Thank you for this post. Perspective is important and often hard to come by in these crazy times. But we should all remember that no matter how bad your day is going you can rejoice that there is only one soap with this scent. :lemo:
It's not so much the design of razor, but the choice of blade. Start off using a forgiving carbon steel blade such as the Treet Black Beauty, and move on in you choice of razor blade from there.
I am going to recommend the Timeless Aluminum razor. IMO, it’s ridiculous this razor isn’t talked about nearly enough.

$50 for a CNC machined razor that is made in the US (if that matters to you) with fantastic customer service. Being aluminum might shy people away from it but here’s the caveat…You still get a quality razor for much cheaper than other metal offerings. It’s easy to maneuver around and you have the ability to apply some pressure. Also, aluminum can still last your lifetime albeit more care might be required.

. . .

I can honestly say I love this razor. If you told me I could only have this razor for the rest of my life, I’d be perfectly happy and content.
Another "medium-price" ($40 US) possibility for a CNC-machined aluminum razor is the RazoRock Lupo Aluminum. I have one -- IMHO it's on the mild side of "mild-to-medium", with very tight tolerances, and gives very nice shaves.

With that aluminum razor (and maybe others), the dictum of "Use the razor's weight, not pressure on the handle" doesn't work well. With a total weight of 28 grams, to work well, they need _light pressure_ against the handle.

Lots of choices, eh?<g>

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And two possibly-useful charts of "aggressiveness" -- one for RR razors, one for others:

Not all people agree about the position of all razors, on those charts. But they're a good starting point.

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I initially suggested a King C Gillette. However, I tried the Yaqi Final Cut adjustable for the first time today. It is the best shave I have yet had, in terms if smoothness, with comfort not far behind. I started on setting 2, but moved up to 4 by the end. I'm a convert, and recommend it to any newbie.
I have sensitive skin.

I started with a EJ DE89 then graduated to a Feather AS-D2. The DE89 is mild and the AS-D2 is even milder. There is a learning curve with using the AS-D2 correctly since it is so mild that it won't cut if the correct angle is not used. This means you have to learn the contours of your face and maneuver the razor to "hit all the spots" correctly. On the other hand, the EJ DE89 gets the job done without much fuss but also leaves a bit of razor burn.

My current favorite blade is the Bic Chrome. I buy them from Razor Blades Club for about $20 for 100. It doesn't have glue spots so it doesn't stick to the razor head unlike most other blades.
Blade Sampler that includes Feather, Gillette Silver Blue, Astra Green, and BIC Chrome.

Razor: you want a mild and relatively inexpensive one. Go on EBay and get a Gillette Tech for like 5 to 10 bucks. The reason for mild is so you don’t cause to much damage while you learn your muscle memory and technique.

For cream: get a tube of Proraso green for $10. It’ll last like 4 months easy.

Brush: get a cheap synthetic.
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