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What;s On Your Table For Mommy Day Dinner

Tonight at Chez Gillian (My daughter and sous chef) for Mommy Day dinner
Arrival cocktail - 82 Queen Cosmopolitan
Appetizer - Shrimp Crisp (Shrimp/shallot/bean sprout in wonton skin and fried)
Entree - Yellowfin Tuna with fresh mozzarella on saffron risotto with wakeme salad and Valencia orange vinagrette
Today was a Mediterranean mixed grill.

Opening was arancini (crab and gorgonzola rice balls) and garden salad. Then rosemary/thyme encrusted lamb chops, saffron risotto with mushrooms and spinach, and the main course: whole grilled fish (pompano and sea bass) with a herbed stuffing.

The fish was great, first time I have done a whole fish on the grill, and dead easy. The fillets slid off the bone when done, but there were still a number of pin bones within the pompano fillets. The flavor and texture of the fish is great, but I am not sure worth the extra effort required by the bones.

In addition to my lovely wife and two children, I had my parents over for supper. Everyone commented on how nice the whole fish presented and everything went - so I am judging it a success.

Carne-Asada (marinated grilled skirt steak), Spanish rice, guacamole, grilled green onions, home made pinto beans, home made salsa..........
Happy wife :thumbup1:
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