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What razor in your collection is your favorite go-to razor?

Weishei Nostalgia TTO Gunmetal. Very nicely made. Shaves well with a good blade. I like Feather, Personna Comfort Glide, Perma Sharp, Shark Super Chrome and Sharp Blades. Pretty much in that order.
I have quite a few razors, and about twelve in the mail right now, so I’m always getting “new” favorites. Right now my Valet Autostrop VC4 with a Feather FHS-10 blade has totally caught my attention. It’s the last razor I would have expected.
Thanks, Fred D. I'm feeling quite optimistic about this one.

Do you know if the Rockwell and GC handles are interchangeable threads? I don't know if it was deliberate design or happy accident, but the matte knurled 6S handle is the least slippery I have tried.

I wanted to capture the GC .68 head while it was in stock, and got the Bulldog handle because it was also available. Looks OK, but we shall see.
Yes, the Game Changer will fit the 6S handle, I just double checked to. Ake sure.
My GC came with the radio knob handle, but I didn't like the feel and balance of it, so I bought an IKon 85mm matte bulldog hanfle from Maggards for $20 and love it. The 6S handle is the same size and length, and in my opinion a little better grip than the IKon handle.