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What model is this?

This razor was a freebie thrown in an auction I won, I cleaned it up and here she is.. kinda doggy but somehow appealing, who loved her who -held her and scraped their beard off.... anyway I digress... can someone give me a heads up on what model she is? no marks just gillette and made in USA The head screws off like a tech the handle is hollow and the nut and pommel are pressed in slip fit.

She shaves pretty good to, 3 passes and I was as slick as could be.. I was really careful- I never used an open comb and boy this is open!
so whatayathink?

Thanks, Jim
I believe it's a "New Model" they came with a variety of handles. Both of the ones I have, have the slightly larger diameter hollow handle with the squared off end.

That is a cheap but quite well made Gillette NEW (always capitals) from the 1930's ..., they gave that style of razor away with Palmolive soap believe it or not.

That head profile knocks the spots off (not meant as a pun) the Merkur style combs available today where the blade sits on the comb-teeth...., a (actually it's also Gillettes) design which pre-dates this NEW razor.

A comb razor such as this is as good as a bar (& why not!), however it is more stylish and more expensive to manufacture ..., which was its eventual downfull...., enter the Gillette Tech in 1939 where you could stamp out a razor from a sheet of metal.

The luxury NEW's from the 1930's are probably the nicest razors ever made IMO...., very classy.

I've just re-read your posting - I think the razor is suffering from the common fault where a handle that has come apart over time ...., they use to manufacture the handle by heating the tube so that it expanded, plugging each end with the appropriate piece and let it cool tight & secure.

To fix the razor use a slow curing (24 hr) epoxy resin glue such as araldite or the equivalent. Mix a little together and pour into the upright handle, do each end seperately. Don't use too much epoxy, you will need to leave some air in the tube to compress ..., it will need to be clamped closed for the second plug.

If you don't have a suitable clamp then a towel twisted around the razor and tied can work ..., don't use your wifes new towels:biggrin:

It will be as good as NEW (excuse the pun)

Thanks John & Bob
John the tube is actually split at the ends- Its tight enough that shaving with it was not a problem. I could always silver solder it all together I supose. It seems that this is gold plated brass with a lacquerer finish over it,was this produced in a nickle finish also?
Thanks, Jim
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