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What is your most efficient razor that you can share with daily?

I'll bring this thread back to life by saying that I have found what I was looking for.

Yaqi Top Aggressive Chrome Color Slant Safety Razor Head


Just perfect.


I find se razors to be an excellent blend of efficiency and smoothness. I like the ever-ready 1912, 1924, and blackland vector. Prolines in the vector, and GEM ptfe in the ever ready razors.
Two passes with my Rockwell 6S with the #4 plate does it for me. I shave daily with a Feather blade and either The Fat or Jermyn Street cream. Occasionally I will take the day off Saturday. I get zero irritation unless I become obsessed with my difficult spot and keep going after it. I’ve learned that every so often that spot below my right jaw is going to have some invisible stubble. I’m the only one that knows it’s there, so I’ve learned to leave it alone after the third shot at it.
Since OP revived this thread I want to add my story.

Since I developed IBD (not to be confused with just IBS) my beard became really super coarse. The blades I used to love did no longer cut. For example all the blades from the St. Petersburg factory (Astra, PolSilver, 7 O'clock, etc) did not cut without serious tugging. It got worse until only Feather did barely cut and I got at most one shave out of each blade. At the same time I also had sensitive skin. Often already the brush was enough to irritate the skin and my skin even broke and cracked at places I never shaved. Luckily I later figured out that my IBD had caused magnesium deficiency (and some other deficiencies too) and after supplementing I could again use most blades.

With this background I want to claim that I surely know what it is to have coarse beard and sensitive skin. Even with this condition I did not need any "aggressive" razor to get a close shave. I think it is a myth that coarse beard requires an aggressive razor. Even a mild razor will place blade against the skin, but the difference is that the blade will only touch properly if the razor is held within the very narrow span of working angles. With an aggressive razor you will have the blade touching the skin all the way from riding on the cap to riding on the guard and that might be a wide range of angles. With really mild razors (those with no blade exposure) you only get the blade touching the skin properly if both the cap and the guard are touching. This is good for sensitive skin and tough beard as there is more support preventing the blade from following the hair down into the skin on the ATG pass.

In the beginning I also struggled with getting close shaves from super mild razors but I learned to keep the angle and I get the same close shaves with neutral blade exposure as with The Beast (R41).
I am confused. Piccolo with an mk2 handle?
Two Piccolo's, one is an SE with the Mk2 head, the other is Nickel with the Mk1 head. Two Mk2 Gold Grande's, one Gunmetal Mk1 Grande, two Originale Lo Storto's, and a Schöne. I hope this clears up any confusion. Lol
I agree on the ascension razor of whixh I hae the copper one. Other particularly efficient and smooth razors that come to mind are the Paradigm diamondback and the Rocnel 2020 adjustable razor. The rocnel in particular starts out almost milder but will go to any level of efficiency anyone could want.
My Blackland Tradere SB has replaced my Timeless Titanium 0.68 as my everyday razor. Taking nothing away from the Timeless which I recently used as my travel razor every day on an 11 day business trip. Both are great but the Blackland Tradere is more efficient.
The only razor I would "share daily" is an old Gillette Flare tip (don't like it much), but the one I can and do shave daily with is the GameChanger 0.84 SB.


Preface: I do not chase BBS.

DE (since this is in the DE Razors forum) razors in my Den that I can use as a daily driver:

Blackland Blackbird SB
Personna "BBS-0"
Gillette Tech (Hybrid, German #34, Canadian Pre- and Post-War Fat Handle, English Flat Bottom)
Fatip Lo Storto Originale (FOCS)
Fatip Grande MK2
Charcoal Goods Brass Level 2
Charcoal Goods Stainless Everyday Razor
Karve Brass with SB/OC B/C plates
Timeless Ti .68 SB
RazoRock DLC Lupo
RazoRock GC84-P
Rex Envoy
Gillette Old Type
Gillette Goodwill 160

There are more.....

If we add SE razors:

Blackland Vector OC (currently my most reached for razor)
Colonial The General
Blackland Sabre L2
GEM Featherweight Deluxe

All of these razors, DE and SE are excellent shaving razors. Close, smooth, effective.

My opinion and YMMV. :)
Like many, I have very tough facial hair, and have to use an efficient razor to be able to get a BBS in 3 passes. I simply cannot again BBS with, say, an R89, without significant buffing and the resultant irritation. Unfortunately I have very sensitive skin!

That being said, most razors efficient enough to get the job done are too aggressive for me. The iKon tech, for example, while a masterpiece of efficiency, will cause significant irritation if I use it on multiple days in a row.

So the result is that I have been through, I'd guess, nearly 100 razors in the quest to find one that combines efficiency with gentleness.

So far I have only found two razors that do the trick: the PAA Ascension Stainless, and the RS10 aggressive plate. I love everything about the RS10, but the PAA gets me a closer shave with a wider selection of blades.

I know there must be others in my situation. So o am curious: for those of you out there with a tough beard and sensitive skin, what razors have worked well to give you a BBS shave that you can do on a daily basis?

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I had the same problem. Any razor that's efficient enough is usually too mild. The ones that are efficient are too aggressive.

My solution?

Shimming. I use a mild Superspeed with one shim under the blade.

It's efficient without being too aggressive. I have shimmed other mild razors with similar results.

I'd suggest that you try shimming your R89.

Shims are free & can be made from old blades.
I was floored the first time I used this WWII plastic razor. I have razors I paid 10 and 20 times more than I did for this and it blows them away. It is so smooth and efficient that I rank it as good (or better) than my top 3 razor's - NEW SC, HD 500 and 05 Single Ring. She may be the homeliest plain Jane at the dance but she sure can cut a rug. And yes she is in my six razor rotation.

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