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What is your most efficient razor that you can share with daily?

Like many, I have very tough facial hair, and have to use an efficient razor to be able to get a BBS in 3 passes. I simply cannot again BBS with, say, an R89, without significant buffing and the resultant irritation. Unfortunately I have very sensitive skin!

That being said, most razors efficient enough to get the job done are too aggressive for me. The iKon tech, for example, while a masterpiece of efficiency, will cause significant irritation if I use it on multiple days in a row.

So the result is that I have been through, I'd guess, nearly 100 razors in the quest to find one that combines efficiency with gentleness.

So far I have only found two razors that do the trick: the PAA Ascension Stainless, and the RS10 aggressive plate. I love everything about the RS10, but the PAA gets me a closer shave with a wider selection of blades.

I know there must be others in my situation. So o am curious: for those of you out there with a tough beard and sensitive skin, what razors have worked well to give you a BBS shave that you can do on a daily basis?

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I have not so many DE razors left in my rotation and the only one I could call really efficient is my Fatip Grande. But I don't shave with it daily, maybe it sees a couple of uses in a month.
My skin is pretty sensitive, but I've discovered that it isn't really the razor as much as the blade that makes the difference for me. I've been using my R41, a razor known for its aggressiveness, daily with no problem. Lately I've been using a Karve with a F open comb plate and my new Parker Varient as well. Blade selection and aftershaves are key.

BTW - talc really works on burn too.
I also have sensitive skin with slowly growing stiff or tough, not sure which word is more appropriate, hair so I used to shave every other day but for over a week I shave after about 36 hours. So far my 3 top razors
1. Timeless Ti .68 but not with stock handle since it is too short for me
2. Ikon X3 head with handle from ARD razor from Ebay
3. Razorock GC .68-p with either handle above or Maggard MRG handle, stock handle is too heavy
My RR GC84 with a Personna Red is the most aggressive razor I can use daily without getting irritation. Going up to the Fatip Grande OC (even with the Personna Red) will begin to hurt my face after a few days. I always shave to BBS, so I don't do just a pass or two.
Thanks all. Curious about the fine and Parker razors. What are they compare to?

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My smoothest, yet among my most efficient, are: Paradigm 17-4, Blackland Dart, Karve with an F open comb plate, and a couple of others I can't remember offhand.
Any one will work daily for me...wolfman 1.15, Charcoal Level 2 SB, UK Red Tip Superspeed,
#77 RFB....all are of above average efficiency but all smooth as butter.

Blackbird was efficient but could not (or did not want to) use it daily.
R41 every day. Must make a great lather. No short cuts. Fresh blade for each shave.
R41, Yintal Bronze top cap, with a titanium handle.
Timeless Bronze OC .78 with a titanium handle.
Karve OC E plate, Yintal Bronze top cap, with a titanium handle.

All fine for efficient daily shaves without irritation. Agree on good sloppy lather - plenty of water.

Blade currently GSB, Nacet and Yellows in reserve.
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