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What is your most efficient razor that you can share with daily?

My best daily shaver is the FOCS. Followed closely by the Fatip OC and on 3rd place is the Super Adjustable. Another great option for me is the MMOC and I think with a bit of more practice I can definitely see myself shaving with it on a daily base without a problem.


I Waxed The Badger.
For me Muhle R41. Ran it as a daily driver for a month late last year. I need to pick one up after I get out of sabbaticals and what not.
I only have two that are both efficient and can be comfortable daily. Those are my Barbaros TR-1 and Progress, my Windsor is really really close but I occasionally have to skip a day when using it.
Close call. But I think one I used today (pictured). Wolfman WR1 .61. Easily could use this every day. However, the smoothest, easiest razor I have which I certainly could use everyday is my H&S NO75. The WR1 is slightly more efficient, I think, but it is a close call between the two. 2021.01.12 - SOTD - WR1 Ethos Green Elite.jpeg
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