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What is better than Cella?

Mitchell's Wool Fat & Vintage Williams are the only two that I think are significantly better than Cella. everything else (Arko, Proraso, Tabac, Palmolive, Spiek) are either on par or sub-par
Cella is my gold standard. However, I've taken a shining to Vito's (Red) lately. I would describe it as slightly less dense and lighter on scent than Cella. It shaves like a champ, without the irritation of more fragrant products.



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I prefer the scent of P.160 over Cella, but they both perform at the same level of super-excellence for me. Alas, with the price of P.160 these days (when you can get it), I don't think I will be purchasing any more of it.
Well, soaps are subjective, and I really like Cella, but that doesn't stop me from reaching for La Toja, Tabac, Sir Irisch Moos, Palmolive stick, Arko and others.
P160 is my favorite...I put Cella just a little more on the cushion side of P160 with less scent. Vitos Red is close to P160 and again like Cella maybe slightly less cushion. MWF, Valobra stick, MDC, AK 1869, Razorock, Dr Harris and QCS are all very good. Try as many of these as you can to see what you prefer. The sampler from QCS is really good for picking different scents. If you can find some vintage American soaps like Old Spice, Colgate, Williams and Seaforth etc. try those too.
and for those that do rank Cella high, is there anything you like better?
Cella was my favorite soap until I stumbled upon Queen Charlotte Soaps shave cream, which is a similar consistency to Cella. It's basically a soft soap. Works better than Cella in my experience and is available in a large variety of scents.
Many things are so different it is hard to compare, but Cella dn Razorock are pretty similar. I like them both, but prefer the Razorock XXX to Cella.

Rudy Vey

There are many soap in my opinion that are better (for me) than Cella. If one likes the almond smell, and this kind of hard cream or soft soap, its not a bad soap. I rate it nearly as good as P.160. But all these Italian soaps are for me pretty much the same. If they would make them in a nicer scent, I would use them more. Too bad they all come only in the bitter almond smell, which I do not care for.
I'm in need of a new soap, and after reading the Cella thread where there was shown some discontent, I was wondering what do you feel is better than Cella, and for those that do rank Cella high, is there anything you like better?

I have Tabac and Valobra stick.
TOBS, Eaton College is what I Suggest. Great cream for the price. Also use GFT.

I like Cella a lot but I like P160 a bit more and I also like Acca Kappa but it's a bit too soft for me.

If you like soft soap, I find QCS croaps to be much better than Cella. Hard soaps: Speick, Palmolive, AoS, DR Harris, Arko, Tabac, etc.
QCS (sandalwood) is currently my go-to product at the moment. The SC is too firm to be a cream and too soft for a soap - definitely a puck. Performs great, smells fantastic.
If you talk to ten of us, you'll get twenty recomendations. Some of the ones that seem to be popping up the most other than what you have (and I'd agree with these) are MWF and AoS. These are two of my favorites besides the Tabac, Valobra and Cella with its cousins P.160 and Vitos.
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