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What Hair Products Did You Use Today?


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Long Rifle Shampoo Bar.
Herbaria Citrus Shampo Bar
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic

Herbaria Citrus Shampo Bar
Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic
WASH: I shower more or less every day, wet my hair, and scrub my scalp a bit with a shower scalp brush. But, I wash it with cleansers only every third or fourth day, or when I'm feeling dirty, smelly.

CLEANSING CONDITIONER 1-2 tbsp (whatever's natural and economical) +
NOXZEMA classic cream cleanser 1 tbsp.
SOAP: Perhaps ever other week or so, I'll use a little quality natural soap (eg, shampoo bar, Dr Bronners, etc.).

HISTORY: A life long dandruff sufferer (and son of them), once I gave up industrial frankenpoo, conditioners, and styling products, especially using them daily starting about a decade ago, switched to naturals only as often and as much as needed, my scalp found a more natural, healthier equilibrium, and the dandruff disappeared.

Wet often, but use cleansers only when necessary, and as little as possible.
Don't put it on me if I don't want it in me (or loved ones). While not precise (I don't eat soaps), nothing I put on my body I feel is unsafe to absorb a little through my skin, nor unpalatable (smell and taste delicious). I want my entire body to be comfortable, inviting, alluring, and healthy to snuggle, kiss, and more...

Used most of the time after a shower, especially after having washed with cleanser.
ALPICIN Liquid ~4-6 drops rubbed into scalp: Skin vitamins, caffeine, and menthol provide a deliciously invigorating scalp rush.
LANOLIN 1/4 tsp: The closest thing to human sebum (when mixed with a little oil). Naturally brings out blond.
CASTOR, jojoba, or argan oil 1/4 tsp: Lanolin alone is a bit too fly away and dry.
THIEVES oil 2 drops: love the smell (not just me) of its essential oils, which are also antibiotic, anti-fungal, among other health benefits
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