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What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

My Cigar Friends:
I'm now waiting on a box of twenty-five (25), Cuban Fonseca Cosacos (5⅜in x 42 - Corona...Box Code 2015...a mild smoke), cigars and just love how they individually tissue wrap each cigar. :drool:

Cuban Fonseca Cosacos (corona) Cigar.jpg

“A cigar—it’s not so much a [passion] as the crown and hallmark of pleasure”. Count Leo Tolstoy
“Roll out the barrel...” I just received my new meerschaum pipe of the bourbon barrel variety today. This “one” is a horse of a different color and seemed unwise for me at the time to leave it for someone else’s pleasure. That and the fact that the bulk of my pipes have some sort of “cool & dry” system built in to their respective designs nudged me over my sensibilities again.

SRV Premium - Bourbon Barrel Reverse Calabash RC - Meerschaum Pipe with case
617E921C-8501-4015-92D2-E0DDF94F389D.jpeg 10242795-7155-466D-9EFA-DD8332C0EDB9.jpeg 1C317912-4871-4FA1-ABED-48D72C6CCA33.jpeg 21491232-7DD3-4824-B8B9-F91095EEE59B.jpeg
This order from 4noggins has been frustratingly stuck in the USPS coffers since December 17
I know that drill all too well...I had a number of deliveries stuck in the same quagmire. One I ordered on Black Friday and the package decided to show up the day before Christmas Eve 12/23/20. I’d say frustrated for lack of a better word.


I've got time. My ship is still in precomissioning phase. I'll be busy and have a LOT of training coming...I'm not worried, just frustrated I suppose. 😁
Heard that. Still waiting on some Christmas presents... The big USPS processing center in town is backed up. They had some covid issues on top if the Christmas rush.
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