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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

That's a stockpile I would love. I've never tried Mogno. I have plenty of Palmolive, a few Speick, but no LaToja right now. I've got several Wilkinson sticks, however. Worth exploring.
Only one bar of Mongo, still wandering but just a little.
All i can say, is that for me, gentlemen, it is an inspiration, having my favourite Irish actor who has eleventy hundred and 7 brushes and a 6 year old member, using cheap, albeit valid soaps, instead of going "all american" and using just whatever the most costly artisan brings out. You, sirs, are shining beacons for all aspiring GRUME members as well as aspiring minimalists! :ouch1:
Along with a pile of junk mail and flyers, this came through my mail slot, today. Just in time for my daily shave, too.

It has a sharp peppery scent off the top that is almost oppressive. However, it is much more muted when lathered. I'm not sold on the scent, yet, but I think that I'll get used to it over time.

Having said that, this stuff lathers like crazy! I had read that this is a very easy-lathering soap and I can confirm that it's absolutely true. :thumbup1:
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