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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Just came in...



From left to right.....
CHANEL Allure Homme Sport Cologne (Tester) in the tough to find 150ml/5oz size. Not as sweet and harsh/punchy as the Eau de Extreme and just a bit more fresh than the revered OG Allure Homme.

Homelikeshaving Adjustable, the Taiga. Sergey and the fine Gents contacted me as they had an extra Taiga lying around. They asked if I was interested. I said ”Say Whuuuut? Heck Yeah!!! 4 weeks in travel. Anxious to give it a go. Hey, I haven’t shaved yet!!
It’s on.....

Last but, certainly not least the APShaveCo. brushes both sporting 28mm Silksmoke knots in the Winter handle & Summer handle respectively. Looking forward to giving these a go as well.....

The latest additions to the pile of shaving stuff in my house...

Coming out of the lawyer's office, I spied a Dollar Tree across the street. I wandered over and forked out $1.40 Canadian ($1.25 + tax) for an Assured DE razor. The doors fell off of my previous Assured razor after a couple of mediocre shaves, so I decided to get another to see if it is as lame as I remember (or "Double Lame" as the French labelling says :001_tongu ):

Then, I walked over to London Drugs, a drug store chain common in Western Canada and picked up three boxes of Nivea shaving cream. There was a "Buy Two, Get One Free" promotion, so that was a no-brainer:

Then, as I was walking past the Cosmetics counter, I noticed a bunch of slightly pricier men's shaving products (LAB Series, Anthony, Vichy, etc.) in the showcase. I knew that London Drugs carried Tabac AS and deodorant, so I asked the counter lady if they had the shaving soap in the ceramic bowl. Guess what? (Chicken butt)

Dont have any pictures. But got a shipment of 100 personna injector blades in the mail yesterday. And the same amount today in another shipment.