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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

So today I’m building my brush collection and got in a couple essentials to start putting to use. SOC boar w/ cherry handle, proraso blue aftershave, alum block. Had to go ahead and do a test lather with the SOC. I haven’t used a boar brush in years so I’m excited to give this a try. It’s so much better quality than the last boar brush I had.

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Just arrived, living dangerously. It's the RazoRock SLOC from Italian Barber that stands for Self lubricating Open Comb. Open comb teeth on both the top cap and the base plate . Problem is that I'm in the FFFMM Fixed Four for March Madness.

Which means that I pick four. Brush, Razor, Blade, Cream and have to stick with them for a month to learn technique. I'm getting bored with my Parker Variant.

This Razor looks so Purty I'm tempted to lose the contest. Only around 20 bucks too.

Razorock SLOC 1a.JPG Razorock SLOC 2a.JPG
Brush from Artturi, found on Etsy. I love the turned mahogany wood handle. I have to say I’m less than impressed with the knot but I may try to replace that before too long. At least I dint pay much for it so I’m not surprised at the knot quality. I mainly bought it for the handle.

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