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What a man needs to know

Inspired by Leisureguy, and at Mitch's suggestion, I thought I would start this thread.

What are the fundamental things that a man should know how to do, in a pinch (or as a matter of course)?

Already named:
-Tie a Bowtie
-Use a fountain pen
-Drive a stick (personally, I think this one is key)
-Communicate in Morse Code (personally, not so sure, but ok....)
-Handle and use a gun safely
-Sharpen a knife
-Change both oil and tires on a car

Additional things that occur to me:
-Cook a meal good enough to impress a lady (worth more than everything else here combined)
-SHAVE :wink:
-Start a fire
A man needs to know how to complete an honest day's work and how to accept responsibility for his actions, be they right or wrong. Also, a good command of etiquette and manners are a big plus.
A man should know how to. . .

Make *good* chili
Give a baby a bath
Distinguish decent beer from poor beer
Grill a steak to medium rare
Disagree without being disagreeable
Take one's job seriously, but not one's self
Make a child laugh
Make one woman happy
Be a good friend

Sorry for getting sappy at the end there.:redface:
I think every man should be able to cook a good meal! I find it amazing that some guys can hardly boil water!
Cheers, DJ.
This post brings up 2 sides of the same coin...

Ski Moguls, Double Blacks, Off Piste
Tie Bowline Knot
Throw a Perfect Spiral
Roll Your Own Smoke
CB Talk
Boo Jeff Gordon

Respect Others!!! And their differences.
Remember Names
Formal Table Setting

Whew... good thread!
Fix a toilet
Shave with a straight razor (knowing how does not mean you have to)
Do laundry
Open a non twist-off beer bottle without a bottle opener
What a man needs to know:

How to be a friend

Get a crying baby to sleep

Make a good cup of coffee

Fix what’s broke

How to take the long view

Know when to walk away or stay and fight

how to learn from his mistakes

Know when to confess

Know when not to confess

How to be accountable

How to have fun with a kid

How to tell your wife she should not wear something

How to be a good neighbor

That the world was here before him and will be after he is gone

How to kill something and eat it with respect

How to comfort someone grieving


That he is only a part of something bigger

I can't believe that operating remote control isn't mentioned.

I would also add deadlifting at least your own body weight, but preferbly at least one and half times of it. And if not being able to do it, at least knowing how to pick up heavy objects safely.
Dinder1 said:
I think every man should be able to cook a good meal! I find it amazing that some guys can hardly boil water!
Cheers, DJ.

I can boil water:

John: Make me a cup of tea!
SWMBO: Of course, anything else you'd like?

I'm glad she doesn't read this!

Actually, cooking is an important attribute for a man.
A man should know how to look you in the eye when he shakes your hand.

A man should behave like a gentleman in mixed company.

He should not only know how to tie a tie, but to know when his suit actually FITS properly.

A man knows how to shave and groom himself properly.

He should be as good as his word at all times, and you should be positive he's doing the right thing, whether you are watching him or not.

He should know stuff about tanks and airplanes.

He should be comfortable enough with in his manhood that he no longer feels the need to prove it with hyper-macho and boastful behavior among friends, and can be tender with his family.


(knowing how much Varget should be used in a .308 with a 169gr bullet is a plus).
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