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Went hunting again...bagged a Big Fellow

I don't know much about the Big Fellows but I am about to find out because I just found one at a place that had nothing just a few days ago. Shop owner told she has been telling her vendors through the newsletter that people are looking for razors!

Also picked up another gold Tech almost exactly like my current one (only it doesn't have the Gillette arrow on the head). I got each of them for $10 for a total of $20. I know I overpaid for the tech but I think I got a great deal on the Big Fellow so I am hoping the cost is justified. NOTE: These don't include any boxes or anything cool like that.

Obligatory pics are here and here

Wow, I am up to almost a dozen razors in a week's time already!
That first pic looks like a New Improved, Standard, or even possibly a New DeLuxe Criterion to me. Hard to tell without seeing the underside (two nipples on the bottom would indicate one of the former two). Either way, nice snag.
Your first picture is of a New Improved (no slot on the end of the base plate). A very nice razor and a great deal for $10. The Tech looks in nice shape also. Congratulations. I never find anything worthwhile in stores.
Here is a better photo of the parts of the big fellow. On the handle is printed Pat. Jan 13, 1920

There is a number printed on the combed part of the head. What is that number for? a serial number or patent number?

The knurling on the handle looks nothing like the Big Fellows in this Big Fellow post by Oldguy. I wonder if it's silver plated? From the date stamp on the handle, I am guessing it is an Old Type. I will look through mr-razor's photos for a match
Okay. I see now that mr-razor has a nice photo of a New Standard silver model. Sure wish it came with the nice box and razor box, too. But I am happy to have the razor.

This is exactly why I am trying to learn how to properly clean and restore these old fellas! This one should look nice once I get rid of all the tarnish! Time for the Borax treatment.
I am sure others have noticed this as well, but after examining the tech and big fellow side by side, the geometry and curvature of the head appears to precisely the same! Based on this, I expect it should perform exactly like a Tech. I can't wait to get her shined up and ready for duty!
I was just looking to see if it's a tuckaway or New Standard or even a Bostonian. I don't think it's a tuckaway because the handle configuration is different. I beginning to think I have a Bostonian because although the Bostonian silver and the New Standard sliver look practically identical, I do not see a date stamp on the handle of the New Standard silver like mine has. Of course, the Bostonian is a New Standard style of razor but I would like to think I have a Bostonian so I can go looking for the right box for it! mr-razor's Bostonian has a the date stamp (like mine) on the photos below

mr-razor's 1921 New Standard silver

mr-razor's 1922 Bostonian silver
I think the tuckaways were 3 piece razors. As for Big Fellow, Richwood, Bostonian, New Standard....... I was under the impression they were all NEW Improved razors, it was the case that defined what you had.


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Tuckaways are short, about 2 3/4" total


I'm pretty sure the Richwood, Bostonian, Algonquin, etc are the same NEW Improved razor, just different case.
I like to think of it as a Bostonian. One day I will find the correct box to put it in.
Nemo, is that gold Big Fellow in the pic is yours? It sure is a beauty. The gold plating looks pristine!
My man.

Those aren't big fellows :blush:

He's showing the New Standard next to a Tuckaway.

All New Standards look similar in gold or silver. The case they came in defined the Bostonian and Richwood.

The New Deluxe had a distinctly different head though. Flat and channeled.

You scored big time.

Post pics of the resto!! Before during and after the salt water and aluminum foil!!


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My man.

Those aren't big fellows :blush:

He's showing the New Standard next to a Tuckaway.

Right, it's NOT a Big Fellow, just showing a New Standard for size comparison for you.

Yes, the plating is nice on the gold one, thanks.
Looks like you have some water-mineral deposit on the shaft.
I just renewed an early "06" Old Type" with Simple Green, white vinegar,
and silver polish. The deposit was a true challenge, soak one minute, rub with cotton towel, soak one minute rub with cotton towel. about 10 or so times.
she now is a beauty.
Actually, I have a question. I notice that mine has the larger hole in the bottom. If you look both pics above of Achim's New Standard and his Bostonian, the holes in the end are different. Would that be considered a defining characteristic?


Either way, I plan to fully document every step of my restoration process, including much better before photos in better light.

I will keep this thread updated. I am planning on starting early in the morning, assuming SWMBO doesn't something else planned! :blink:
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The serial on the head is 705695B (or 8). If I am looking this up correctly on the wiki, which should place this Big Fellow's manufacture date in 1926. Did I figure that right? Anybody know what the B signifies?
It´s not a Big Fellow. Big Fellows have a different knurling.
Without case it´s a 1926 New Improved Razor. The hole in the handle looks normal for me.
Thanks, mr-razor, for finally clearing that up for me! So now I have to call it "New Improved". Just doesn't have the same luster as "Bostonian".

I am about to start the restoration of this guy this morning. I plan to start with a soak in near-boiling water and dishsoap and then a careful scrubbing with a medium toothbrush. Then I plan to do the aluminum foil method of de-tarnishing it. I will post photos.

BTW, does it hurt to do the aluminum foil thing multiple times? I am guessing it doesn't.
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