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Well....I'm convinced.



When I got into wetshaving, it was all about DE. DE this, DE that. Heard a little mention of SE on here. Not for me, pfft, DE for life!

Then I saw an SE blade. Same type of blade I use to cut boxes and scrape glue off of things. (We also had some other, interesting names for those blades during my misspent youth.) No way am I shaving my face with that.

Eventually I broke, and I picked up 6 SE razors in one week. (See July 20-26 acquisition thread for pics.) Got myself a pack of GEM/Personna branded SE blades, and gave it a whirl.

First shave, I decided that it would be control with everything - Most used cream, brush, AS, etc. I popped a fresh blade in my GEM Micromantic Open Comb, and went to work. Just about PIF'd all my SE's after that shave, it was terrible. I stopped halfway through and used my Futur.

Second shave, I thought, gee, maybe I just need to learn how to shave with a SE razor, I'll give the micromantic another go. Shave wasn't as bad, but I found there was a very fine line between not enough cutting (With whole hairs left behind uncut) and face-scraping chin-nicking hell on wheels. I stopped after my first pass, but instead of picking up the Futur, I thought I'd pick up the GEM Featherweight.

Might just be my new go-to shaver. It has good feedback, I found getting a correct angle on it was much easier than with the Micro OC. Close, comfortable shaves, with no irritation. I feel like it cuts almost as close as my wide open Futur, but feels almost as gentle as my dialed down slim. Really just a triumph of shaving design. I'm sold on SE. My only qualms with it are that it is not TTO (I love TTO), and the plastic handle doesn't really do much for me (Admittedly, not nearly as ugly as my GEM Junior.)

I'm trying to get into straights right now, so I don't know how much further my SE exploration will continue, but I know for a fact that if I need a good shave in a hurry, I'm reaching for the Featherweight.
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Haven't tried a GEM yet, but I found the SE Schick Injector to be a great shaver. I still love the aesthetics and feel of the DE razors.

Who says this has to be a rational process?
gems are my favorite :) even over my wonderful straight that i got honed by ambrose :) thanks buddy

there's just something so comfortable and great about my gem,
i love my straight of course :) but i use it more for the fun of it , because i don't get the perfect shave with it yet, as there is a bit of a learning curve,

i was happy wiht my de and could get equal results with my straight, but for smoothness without irritation i cannot beat my gem, i am hoping soon with a bit more practice and perhaps a wedge straight :) perhaps i will be able to get the same shave,

but for now
i am
and stay

My preferance for pure performance would be:
1. Straight
2. Gem
3. Injector
4. DE
YMMV and probably does! :biggrin:

I tried my Featherweight Gem for about a half a shave and then put it away. I don't know what the problem was, but it seemed scary and unsatisfying. On the other hand, my injector gave me a good, smooth shave right away.

Maybe I need to pull out the Gem and try it again? I wasn't sure about the angle. I don't know why it scared me so much. Maybe because it seemed like I was trying to shave with a freaking BOX CUTTER? :eek::wink:
I had a similar experience with an OC MicroMatic, though admittedly they were the cheap carbon steel store branded blades.

When I went back with Ted Pella PTFE blades and 1912 blades the results were extremely satsifying. Plus the audible feedback beats even a wide open Futur.
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