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Mike - that certainly is an option.... our goal is to have 20,000 members by this time next year - so I invision there being an incredible amount of posts in one forum if they were linked....

Any reason in particular you think the two should be intermingled? If you guys want them combined - it will be done!

I'm happier having them in separate categories because they're different products. I, for one, don't use soaps, only creams so I prefer having them separated so I don't have to sift through more chaff.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Happy 10 year Anniversary!

Since we are a traditional site the gift would be tin.

I for one...will take the diamonds.
Going through all the rules and Wiki and found this little slice of history. Thanks to all the gentlemen who made this happen. You have changed the entire way I wake up in the mornings!
Just a little sad knowing that any thread I resurrect hereafter will not be as old as this one.
But pretty cool I did not exactly know how old B&B was, I was 14 at the time and probably just finishing up my first shave. In Internet years this was ages ago
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