Weekend shaving?

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    It’s Friday night and those who work Monday through Friday how many of you shave daily? If you shave every workday, how many folks here don’t shave on the weekends and why?
  1. I don't consider shaving a chore, I shave daily.

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  2. I work M-F and some Saturdays. I enjoy looking and feeling presentable on a daily basis. I shave daily, but will occasionally take one weekend day off if there is nothing going on, just to give my face a little break as needed.

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  3. I agree with you and also shave daily.
  4. I may occasionally take a day off from shaving if I'm feeling lazy on the weekend, but generally I shave every day.
  5. If I take a day off my beard begins to itch by the following day and I’m ready to shave to stop the itching.
  6. Feel like a bum if I don't shave each day. I'm not the hipster 4 day stubble type. The goatee, which was a way for a fat guy to have a defined chin, seems to be slowly dying. Here's hoping the 4 day stubble goes the same way.
  7. I'm still waiting for the lumberjack beard fad to die out.
  8. I believe that people who typically dont shave on the weekends are those who have office jobs and are expected to be clean shaven M-F.
  9. Yes! And while we're at it, let's add the man bun.
  10. Hopefully, you are correct about the four day stubble. I remember the Don Johnson unshaven look of the 1980s. It was so popular that someone came out with an electric shaver that didn’t shave the beard completely or close but left a stubble.

    Designer stubble - Wikipedia
  11. What’s the Lumberjack beard?
  12. 5-days worth of stubble. Loggers worked out of logging camps Mon-Fri and then came home for the weekend. They never shaved in camp. My Grandpa was a logger in the 30's and 40's.


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  13. Every day
    Unless im doing manual labor on the weekend
  14. Thanks, I had never heard that expression.
  15. I would shave before doing manual labor because perspiration makes my beard itch even more.
  16. I hear that
    But i don't for time issues in the am and on days when im in the "feld" i shower at the end of the day
  17. I'm actually thinking of the full-on hipster beards, usually not-so-neatly trimmed, that serve to catch soup, not just a five-day growth. No offense to any actual lumberjacks intended.
  18. Oh yes, please, make that die.
  19. Lol

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