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    I’m pretty sure it showed what he was writing. .
  1. Price

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    Yes, it was an explanation of Jon's lineage, and the words "rightful heir to the iron throne" were clearly visible - the implication being that he was sending these letters all over Westeros.
  2. Ad Astra

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    Lord Varys :spockflamwas playing with fire ... :bayrum2: He lost everything. :mad5:

    AA :lol1:
  3. The Knize

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    Yea, I think that is clear. I did not catch it watching the episode.

    Yep, I cannot say that Dany was wrong to light up Varys. Tyrion might have felt less bad about turning Varys in if Tryrion had known about the attempted poisoning.
  4. This last episode better be like 4 1/2 hours long....
  5. Directors cut shows the real reason Dany was driven to rage:

  6. Watched episode 5 again. They are ramming a lot of stuff in. Plot seemed ok but huge swathes of the episode felt pretty dull even with so much going on.

    Vary's getting toasted isn't a big surprise he's been playing with treason, plots and murder since day one.

    Been waiting a while for Dany to go full on Targaryen blood crazy.

    Reasonable summary:
  7. Haven't watched any of season 8 until today. We're bingeing on the ep.1-7, looking forward to the finale this evening.
  8. ouch

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    Well, that was a quick eight years.

    Chernobyl tomorrow.
  9. Ad Astra

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    This. We were walking down from Winterfell only yesterday... Anyways.

    I am not displeased. All things must end.

    Jon kinda got shafted, though. But mostly, all right.

  10. TexLaw

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    I'm happy with that end, and I'm happy with the quality of the episode.

    Jon didn't get the shaft. He got his freedom. Tyrion got the shaft, and he deserved it.

    Bravo to them.
  11. Same feels.

    Wife and daughter pretty disappointed, sad about Dany and both cried because last dragon is all alone now.

    Mostly feel pretty satisfied; like you said all things must end, and for me it was mostly about the ride, not the destination.
  12. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    Going to take me a while to process. I did not love it. I do not feel any great disappointment.
  13. Well, it was a pretty sudden heel turn, but still. You can't go torching the whole damn capital city and be allowed to rule after that. Just wouldn't be right. But otherwise, I guess everyone ended up where they needed to be, and that's okay.
  14. REV579

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    Meh. I hoped for more, but I guess the writers were tired.
    Jon wins. He’s king of the Free-folk. Sansa’s Queen of the North. Arya is free to be someone and become Queen if The New World. Bran is best equipped to rule and is King of the 6 Kingdoms. The Stark’s win. The Stark’s broke the wheel-each one did.
    The dragon is no longer a tool of destruction. The fans won too-Jon welcomed Ghost...or perhaps Ghost welcomed Jon back. Hug that dog!

    Greyworm is gonna be sore when he finds out Jon kept riding North...

    P.S. Jon had the better story...
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  15. As good an end as any.

    There is no reasonable way they could have brought it to a truly satisfying end, so I’ll take what was given.

    At least they didn’t botch it. They made their choices and went with it.

    Jon and Tormund will have a grand ol time North of the Wall. He’ll be fine.
  16. Yeah it was an ok end. Glad that Dany died, she shouldn’t have ruled after what she did. And then trying to convince Jon that she was right, he knew then she couldn’t rule.

    The Jon and ghost reunion was great. Maybe that’s why they didn’t give them a farewell embrace earlier in the season. Knew we’d be mad about not getting one and then so happy when we saw them actually embrace.

    Another interesting point was bran saying I’ll find the dragon, would be cool to warg into it. And now bronn is the big shot rich guy?

    A lot of interesting small moments.
  17. Legion

    Legion Moderator Emeritus

    I think it tied it up about as well as they could have. I do feel a certain sense of dissatisfaction, but I can't quite put my finger on why.

    As Ouch said, Chernobyl tomorrow. There are so many good shows on these days it is hard to keep up.
  18. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    Standard youth fiction ending.

    So Dany dies for love, after inexplicably going crazy? Why would she let Jon near her after all of that? Why would her guards let Jon near her?

    Greyworm, who apparently commands the armies, is okay with all of this? After all, the moral of the story seems to be that those who have the military power, who have a dragon, are the folks who rule.

    Drogon conveniently just flies off after not toasting Jon, but melting the iron throne?

    I guess I am not convinced that Bran or even Sansa has any leadership skills or a following.

    At least it is over. An okay ending. Thank you, next!

    I agree that a golden age of television continues.
  19. All those Dothraki left loitering about without their Khaleesi?

    I think that’s priority #1 for the small council

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