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Vintage,Ivy, and P&G Shootout

I received my Mamma Bear Vintage Spice Cologne today and compared it to Ivy League (Family Dollar) and P&G Classic.
Though the Mamma Bear is a cologne and it may not be fair to compare it with after shave I have to say wow! Worth every penny. It is a quality Product that smells vintage and strong. Maybe I have Burly on the brain but I swear this stuff must have been matched in the Lab to either a very old bottle of Pre-50's Old Spice or a bottle of Burly. When it arrived, I quickly shot a small dose on my arm, the alcohol left a few minutes later. In my opinion, the Folks at Mamma Bear have did it, my search is over. I let a Biker friend smell it and he quickly responded, "Yeah, thats the stuff!"
The Ivy League smells great coming from the bottle but after awhile on the skin dissapates to a faint resemblance of the OS I remember. It would be a good companion to the MB cologne.
The P&G Classic, is well.. what it is. It tells your brain it is OS when you sniff the bottle but it doesn't bring back memories wearing it.
A side note: I ordered the Mamma Bear Vintage Spice soap and was expecting more than 1 small bar for 6 bucks. Oh well, win some, lose others...
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