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Ultimate Pro 150

Howdy folks,
A while ago, about a year, I moved from the super fancy Gillette Mach ridiculous number, to a 3 piece double edge and never looked back. I got my first straight shaving set for Christmas this year. I had hopes for a Dovo, based on what ive read on this site they are held in high regard, I recived a brand I hadnt come across while reading through the B&B archives, an Ultimate Pro 150 straight edge, a strop with a course grain leather peice and a very smooth soft leather peice, also some nice soap a soft brush and a lather bowl. Might not be dovo but I was overjoyed never the less.
Until i tried to shave with it.
Supposedly it came ready to shave out of the box, but it felt rather dull, pulled hairs, razor burn, seemed ineffective requiring multiple passes....ect Eventually after about 20 minutes I did end up successfully shaving.
I cant say im disappointed in this razor, I really didnt know what exactly to expect so no expectations were let down, but the shave didnt really seem to fit with the first time experiences others have shared on this site.
Ill chalk up most of the poor experience to user error, but Ive never heard of this brand before.
Have any of yall heard of or used this brand? Is it worth keeping around?
Thanks man, that did the trick it shaves like a dream now. Lots more practice and ill have the smoothest face in town.
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