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Twig/Thorn vs. Vector

I haven't tried the vector but I have one of the yaqi clones which I like. I have a twig and get good shaves from it.. I really want to get a Thorn and see how it does... I have a one blade also and recently heard of a "hack" that I think Subie did where he used a regular Schick injector blade in it and its supposed to be excellent to use ( I haven't tried the hack yet ).. I also have one of the early versions of the hawk and it really does well also , And I have one of the eco too that uses a half DE blade and its good also... Well I just wanted to mention that stuff BTW.... Good luck to all of you with figuring out what's best for you !!
Those "Artist-Club" blades that the Vector use look really expensive (i.e., on order of $1+ per blade). You can put half of a $0.10 double-edge blade in a Leaf Twig.

There are so very many awesome razors that use standard inexpensive DE blades, it is difficult to make a good case to utilize these other fancy (i.e., MUCH more expensive) blades.

So I'm not really interested in using OneBlade, or anything using "artist-club" or "injector" blades.
I agree for the OneBlade with FHS blades. They are done after one shave and way too expensive for that. GEM blades are cheap and last much longer, so with the GEM hacks that doesn't apply. Still, I don't see the point of hacking such an expensive razor to work around an intentional limitation.

I disagree on the AC blades. For me they last a lot longer than DEs. If you buy a hundred blades, Feather AC Professional are $0.55 and Feather DEs are $0.40 (so $0.20 per half blade). The vector gives me a better shave and the AC blade lasts for four shaves, while the Feather DE is done after one or two shaves. So pretty close in terms of cost. Now you may argue that I shouldn't use Feather DEs as point of reference, but that is what I settled on because all the cheaper/longer lasting DEs I tried didn't work well for me.
Update on my Yaqi Excalibur- The alignment is trash, but squeezing the head together while screwing on the handle pretty much solves this issue. Ultramega blade feel with AC blades. I find it uncomfortable on the first pass, so use a DE razor for that. Later passes work well with the AC rig.

Kai Pink Milds work better for me than Feather Pros. The Pinks are the most advanced blade we have on the market (AC or otherwise). Special temper treatment, titanium coated with advanced polymer coating, a real joy to use. I need to give the rig a go as a body shaver. Maybe it will be amazing?
...and immediately got a weeper on a bump from an ingrown hair...

Yeah, the stiffer AC blades will not hesitate to slice through any obstruction. I've been head shaving with my Vector for a while now and the only time I draw blood is when I remove a hidden blemish.

Other that that:

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