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Torrey Tuesday

She’s got a truly screaming sharp JNAT edge on her now, which is definitely not the norm for me on something this hollow! I’m having a good time, but even taking my time I ended up with a tiny weeper tonight.

Why didn’t we go with Arktober this month? Is Arko just too drying for northern climates this time of year?
Jim I will let you into a secret as @Luecke2326 Matt has the same problem, he cannot work it out aswell and he calls it Voodooo. As I dont know what I'm doing to make it look like this.

As for the brush they are big at the base of the handle, and with me having big hands it fits like a glove your fingers rest on the ridge below the black. At the moment on Aliexpress they are very cheap for a 26mm 2 band badger, i love the brush I might buy a second one as a backup but then again as if i need another brush lol

Definitely some kind of voodoo..... ;-)

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Todays Shave

J R Torrey Full Double Concave
RazoRock xXx
Yaqi Purple Haze 24mm 2 band finest badger
Avon Mesmerize Aftershave

Well the Yaqi Purple Haze was a Synthetic that was way to soft for me, so I pulled it and now its sporting a 2 band finest badger much better
So now have a fine line up and a DFS with 2 pass shave.

Torrey Tuesday!
Our 136 in Jade
Ultem Boar
Hand thrown white China mug with Jade colored glaze from my pottery days!
After-plain witchazel, Lime post shave oil
Results-fantastic IMG_20191022_161722__01.jpg
Torrey Tuesday...
Razor-Torrey stabilized Wenge scales
Brush-Naval Brass Custom boar
Soap-Tabac Face Lathered from small scuttle..
After- the same lime splash as usual!
The edge just ain't what I want it to be..... IMG_20191029_165848__01.jpg
It’s Tuesday so I’m still in on a Torrey for Tuesday. I don’t know the model for this one so I just call it the spike tip Torrey and it always provides a delightful shave

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Really loving that dragonsbeard huh? I’m watching for more GD...
I am. Looking forward to Frank's next soap(s), too. Don't know what they'll be called or much about them, but he is onto something good with this one so I'm encouraged. Yes, Dragonsbeard is an excellent soap. Very good for my skin (post-post shave).

Happy shaves,

It’s a rainy Tuesday here in the Upstate. The kind of morning the just makes me want to stay in bed and home from work but I can’t so I grabbed the Torrey had a CCS with my newest addition and off to work