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Top 5 great soaps you & I use!

Who likes looking for different great soaps!

  • Newbies <1 yr( DE or SE) most newbies were already on disposable cartridges before, stay DE or SE!!

  • Seasoned shavers 1 yr>(DE ,SE or Cartridge)

  • General Interest

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We all are looking for a nice soap to change things up, the picture chart is a little elaborate but any way will work. There are so many great soap Artisans and large soap MFG's that grew into giants. Its nice to mention scent strength and slickness strength and more information is always better IMO.
First time trying a vote type of thread- learn something new every day.:detective:

Top 5 soaps that I really enjoy and if folks are looking at some possible soaps that might be your enjoyable ones also.
When it comes to finding information on soaps it is so user bias and it's hard to make a purchase so I was thinking a way of giving the information to shavers who were thinking of a new soap and what to look for.
Barrister & Mann Seville: Very nice soft soap and creates a great lather and it can be a thirsty soap so don't worry about adding a little water, it has some floral & citrus scents and when smelling dry soap in the tub it does not do it justice until you add some water and moisten the lather it becomes a more powerful great scent. B&M are leaders in the artisan soap makers world for making slick and great lather soaps but at a premium.
Haslinger Schafmilch : Great soap and does not have powerful scent but it has a fresh clean scent and the lather is one of the best IMO. The pucks are a little small but it's worth the $10.00 US a puck and they have different scents also. The post shave is were it shines IMO because the skin feels soft and hydrated one of the best out of these 5 soaps. Been around for a long time so that is usually a good reason to buy something that survives a competitive shaving soap industry.
RazoRock XXX: One of my first croaps and it has never let me down when it comes to a nice sweet floral & citrus scent that is tranquil and makes me feel great, the lather slickness is good and post shave is also great and is reasonably priced for the quality you receive in their black tubs.
Tabac: Great all around triple milled soap that is very hard to beat by the competition. It has a strong tobacco flower citrus fresh scent that drives some shavers away but I have gotten more close shaves with Tabac than the best claiming soaps. It is a thirsty soap and a moist lather on 1st,2nd and 3rd passes will give great slickness and less problems for nicks and weepers.(The scent could be the only weakness but I do not find it offensive.)
Taylor of old Bond St: The scent alone is worth just buying IMO, its been around for a long time and is one of my very favorites scent wise, the slickness is normal and lathering is not a hard whip up under 1 minute. The croap is made in England and they have other great scents also like all soap manufactures now a days. It is a bit pricey but still worth IMO if funds are available.
20180705_170624[86903]B&B Top 5 soaps (2).jpg
Nice chart and great soap selections!

I don’t have a chart but my top five soaps follow:

1. Haslinger Schaufmilch — slick and post shave is good as you mention. Light clean scent. Affordable in price.

2. MWF — can be a pain to lather but very slick. Best to me on post shave feel. Light/fresh soapy scent. Very affordable.

3. Saponificio Varesino— nice lather, slick. Above average post shave. Nice subtle cologne scents. Triple milled but a bit pricey. (A luxury soap for my den but lasts a long time and I enjoy the Italian shave soap vibe!)

4. . Arko — can’t beat its performance for the price. Uber affordable. But scent is something to get used to. It’s old school which I enjoy.

5. Stirling —- easy to find a scent to like with so many options. Slick, easy to lather. Not expensive.

Just ordered some wholly kaw donkey milk formulation. So maybe that will break in my top five favorites and bounce Stirling as it generally gets lots of praise. Time will tell.
I love it! Tabac and Haslinger are two of my top soaps.

Now try some Stirling (EO-based) soaps and see what you think...
It's a little hard to get Stirling soaps and aftershaves in Canada at the moment with just a few outlets that I do not deal with and with shipping it becomes a higher cost soap. I will buy some down the road because of their great reviews and great folks who run Stirling.:thumbsup:

D.R. Harris Almond (new formulation)
lavender T&H Luxury (new formulation)
Cyril R. Salter (new formulation)
I Coloniali with Mango oil
Lisas Natural Cedar and Saffron - best scent in a soap that I have ever experienced and amazing performance
Saponificio Varesino - pick your flavor and wonderful performance
Declaration Grooming Original - Jean Luc Picard in a tub. Enough said
CRSW Select Jardin d'Orange - Legendary performance with spicy orange scent
Mystic Waters Brown Windsor - the scent is intoxicating and unique; also one of my best performing soaps

All of these are above average in slickness and post shave feel.
Hard to say and even more to narrow down!

In this particur moment my top 5 are (in no particular order):

- Grooming Department - Particularly Absinthe & Leather and Coattails both tallow, rich lather, and luxuriously scented.
- Sudsy Soapery - Their super creamed, triple buttered formulas are excellent. I have their Citrus & Bay.
- Jeeves of Hudson Street - I have an old stock Turkish Bath (now Barbershop) that performs and smells amazing.
- Art of Shaving - Sandalwood was my first cream/soap in my journey and remains one of my favorites.
- Cella - Classic almond scent, great value and performance.
For me:
Haslinger’s (especially schafmilch, but I rate each of their options as almost as great)
Cella (especially the brick)
My top 5:

MdC (Rose and Fougere slightly ahead of Original)
SV (Manna and Felce are faves)
Stirling MITA
Eufros (Rosa Bourbon clear cut #1, so far Fougere #2)
DR Harris (Lavender was first soap. Very good performer for me)


B&B's Man in Italy
My current top 5:

- Saponificio Varesino Opuntia Beta 4.3
- RazoRock The Dead Sea
- Barberia Bolognini Vigoroso
- Furbo Vintage Blue
- Haslinger Schafmilch

Barberia Bolognini and Furbo Vintage Blue are two soft Italian soaps that deliver an OUTSTANDING performance. Both are tallow-free and both are the creation of a Gentleman from Pesaro called Mr Balocchi. The Barberia Bolognini is a soap/aftershave combo created for an Old School Barbershop named Bolognini and founded in 1926. The Furbo Vintage Blue is a soap/aftershave combo that matches PERFECTLY the scent of the legendary, no longer available Floid Blue.
My top 5:
Haslinger Schafmilch
Tabac / Fine Accoutrements
Mike's Natural
Sudsy Soapery
B&M Reserve Lavender

Honorable mentions:
Midnight & Two
WSP Formula T
Soap Commander

Yet to acquire:
Noble Otter
Saponificio Varesino 4.3
Declaration Grooming
Grooming Department
Wholly Kaw


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I've only ever tried four soaps so far (I used canned stuff for many years), and of those four, I'd probably only buy Mitchell's Wool Fat and Palmolive sticks again (though Wilkinson blue bowl is perfectly acceptable if that's all I could get). As those two work so well for me, better than the most recent ones I bought, I'm not sure I want to gamble with other stuff. I don't want to start buying even more soaps which might not work as well for me as the first two.

If it ain't broke...

I don't understand the poll though. I'm not sure what you mean by general interest. I've been wet shaving for around 30 years, with around 25 of them being DE - but I've only moved to soap and brush within the last 5(ish) years.
Wholly Kaw Lav Sublime
Declaration Grooming/Chatillon Lux Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli
Noble Otter Thé Noir et Vanille
Tallow & Steel Sicily
Mike's Natural Orange, Cedarwood & Black Pepper
I love to see what everybody likes, here’s mine:

1. Declaration Grooming
2. MDC
3. Nuavia
4. Barrister &Mann Reserve
5. Mike’s
1) Noble Otter "Lone Star"
2) Eufros "Fougere"
3) Declaration Grooming "After the Rain"
4) Oleo Soapworks "Jacmel"
5) Grooming Department "Neroli di Bois"

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