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Some TOBS creams are dense, some are more "whipped" or "fluffy." Almond is the latter. It has a very sweet almond fragrance, like marzipan or almond cookies.
I used it quite a while back. Can't really claim it was "runny," but you can stir it, if you need to. Marashino cherries is all I can remember about the smell. Not bad, though.

Some TOBS creams are dense, some are more "whipped" or "fluffy." Almond is the latter. It has a very sweet almond fragrance, like marzipan or almond cookies.

+1 soft and the lightest bit "damp." Not like my tub of DR Harris Lavender which I would characterize as a "hard" cream.
My TOBS Almond is not runny at all, in fact it has the same density as the St James.
Might be you got a runny batch.
My TOBS Almond is not runny at all,
but in fact it is soft enough to push my Muehle Silvertip into it
and grab the exact amount of cream for a great 3 pass lather!

My tobs sandalwood is a little bit more dense, but not nearly as dense as is the Castle Forbes. I would say it has a real great density to it, not runny (of course you can hold the tub upside down without the cream moving) but not too hard either,
so you won´t have problems with little packs of cream that you are pushing around in your bowl ;)

The scent is pure benzaldehyde (check ingridients). It´s a tasty scent, very cherrish, little marzipany,
quite prompt in the tub, but a little faint in the lather (but still recognisable)
Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzaldehyde it gives you some idea about the smell, I think

p.s: I like it, but was disappointed at first. Now it´s in my rotation, along with the cella almond cream,
wich I think is *way* more natural but very special, too
My Rose TOBS is the denses cream I have used. My proraso, body shop, and AOS sandlewood are all creamy maybe like toothpaste or mayonaise. My rose is dense and light. Similar to getting a tub of smart butter (I don't know if many have used this but it is the closes example I can think of) right out of the refridgerator.
TOBS Almond is not runny, but if you scoop a finger through it, it feels soft and pliable.

TOBS Avocado on the other hand, feels hard if you scoop a finger through.

Both are fantastic creams producing fantastic lather.

Sure, Trumpers creams have a shade more to them, but at twice the price, do they really have twice as much to them, i personally dont think so.

For me, the Trumpers cream that stands out and has no rival, is Coconut Oil.

If i had to pick 3 creams forever, TOBS Almond, TOBS Avocado, and Trumpers Coconut Oil, say no more.
I have tried in addition to the TOBS, Trumpers almond and Cella cream/soap which is also almond. Scent wise, the Trumpers is more subtle almond whereas the TOBS has a more cherry bakewell/marzipan type scent. I love it. In terms of performance, TOBS is fantastic value, its half the price of Trumpers.

The cella is ok but the lather is no where close to the TOBS.
My cella produces a lather you can fill the bathroom with.
Majorly I use it for lathering directly in my face and always end up with lather behind my ears. Thats how much lather it produces, for me ^^
BTW this would be a good example of a very hard but still ductile cream/soap

But like I mentioned, I love the smell but can think of people finding it a little funny smelling, because it has a mix of very subtle natural almond and soapyness to it
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