Tobacquisitions- December 2018

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by oc_in_fw, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. That is so awesome
  2. Yep... same here.
  3. That and any of our estate sales
  4. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    Epic. Homer should write a saga about this.
  5. Well the saga or drama went as follows. Man and Wife lands in the emerald isles very late at night. After accommodations are acquired, couple imbibes the famous local black liquid beverage at local establishment before turning in. Next morning Man insists on visiting local purveyor of smoking instruments and tobaccos. Woman resists, man insists. After said visit and purchase impulses satisfied, Man get an earful from spouse. Mitigating damage, man proceeds to local Aran sweater shop and showers spouse with woolen thermal wear to her liking. Tragedy avoided. Next year its going to be Milan Italy I'm saving up for that one cuz that will truly be an epic pipe hunt.
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  6. 0ED6888A-C5EC-4794-A25F-5649A31221FD.jpeg Arrived on the 1st of the month, just now had time to post crappy cell phone pic. RLP-6 in the bags, 2 oz. each.
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  7. Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone Contributor

    Composition and subject look fine I think we might have similar tobacco tastes

    Happy Christmas to me - 2018 Tinsky morta - classic bulldog with a cool silver band/accent - preparing for morta May 2019

  8. @Tommy Tutone , sweet Morta! I think my New Years resolution will be to get a Morta.
  9. Very nice!
  10. Got the Neerup pickaxe today! For being 5 yrs old it looks nearly new. Not a single mark on it. No teeth marks and a nice thin and even cake. I'm excited to load it up!



  11. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    Man that is gorgeous!
  12. I know! I can't wait to try it out. Gotta decide what my first bowl will be :D
  13. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    CB Grape!!!

  14. Hahaha no. The previous owner said it was a va/vaper pipe so I'm thinking something Virginia based to keep with the trend.
  15. Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone Contributor

    Yep Love my Neerup(s). Yours are stellar!

    Last haul for 2018 I fear: McConnell, Dobie’s, Castello and SG from Mars Cigars...

  16. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    Kendal Plug in stock? Nice!
  17. Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone Contributor

    Ordered on 10/30, but something was backordered or 'special' order (probably the Castello) so there was a bit of a lag.. (They offered to ship the in stock stuff immediately, but I just told them to keep it all in one box..) I think they still have FVF in stock maybe..

  18. Picked up an Old Towne Cobbler from MM along with a Legend second. Sweet.
    All, of course, under the guise of buying pipes for my son-in-law for Christmas; he gets two, I get two.
  19. C. Kent Joyce pipe gifted to me by guys on another forum.

  20. Shave_Rat

    Shave_Rat Moderator

    Awesome looking pipe! That one trips pretty much everything I find attractive in pipes.

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