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To All of You

that listened, talked, empathized, shed a tear with, encouraged, prayed, meditated, thought of/ about and helped me and my family through the struggling time of my disabling dog, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Many of you kept in contact with me on a regular basis and offered encouragement, an ear. I thank you very much.

Nitrous was layed to rest yesterday. It is hard, but we know in our hearts we did the right thing.

I tell you, if you ever start to lose faith in mankind and humanity, join a shaving forum. I've met some outstanding individuals here.

Forever Missed: Nitrous 9/11/01-5/28/10
I'm not one who has been in touch with you about this before, but you have my heartfelt sympathy and condolences over your loss. Pets can touch us in a way many people cannot, and become genuinely loved family members.
Sorry for your loss, but I can sure bet that dog had a great life if your loving words are any indication. Look forward to being able to laugh at the good times without feeling too hard a tug on the old heartstrings, it really comes with time. Hope it's a speedy recovery for you and your family.

Clearly that dog was loved and had a great life! Remember all the good times you had when you feel heavy in the heart...
What a beautiful dog and looks to be a real member of the family.
My deepest sympathies. Ive lost two dogs in the past and I know it can almost feel like losing a child.


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Sorry to hear such awful news.

I couldn't help notice what a dreadful day she was born on, and this too must surely be a terrible day for your family. You have my sympathy.


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When people pass . . . I look back and remember. I've spoken at a few memorial services . . . as will we all. An important theme is "a life well led". You, your family, and your pup had that in spades. Death of a loved one stings like a bugger. I refuse to celebrate death . . . I remember good times and lessons learned . . . and living life as best as we could.
Rick, I remember when you were looking for a doggie wheelchair. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. When my best friend (the one in my avatar) passes, it will be a sad day as well. I feel your pain.