Thinking about a hip flask, but what size?

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by Tim_McD, Nov 11, 2012.

    I'm not much of a concert goer but I have heard that a lot of concerts they search you at the door. I would think they don't want people bringing in flasks. A friend of mine went to an outdoor concert on a hot day and they allowed only 1 bottle of water per person.
  1. If you want something stronger than steel or pewter, there's a titanium flask available these days.
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    Never managed to damage a stainless flask. Just try to fall the other way.
  3. Just get a half pint of booze in the flask shaped bottle.
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    Fall on that and walk it off...:lol:

  5. Admittedly we're not talking a flask here, but I recently developed a packaging component from pewter, and we were having trouble fixing it in place. I called the manufacturer, and he told me it was caused by the lead oxidising. So presumably, some modern pewter still contains it (unless the mfr was just looking for an excuse...)
  6. Maybe he was just guessing as to what the problem was. Or perhaps some Pewter is still made with lead if it is not being used to store things people consume, like liquids, soap, etc. I checked with the maker of a lovely flask I have and they said they never use lead.
  7. That's why it should be small and hideable. If they can see it, you are doing it wrong.
  8. For sporting events where they wand you or pat you down, I "heard" that a ziplock bag (freezer thickness, quart size) that is underfilled and carried in the waistband of one's trousers will usually get through.......
  9. Im going to +1 the 8 oz.

    if you're drinking more than that on the go, you might as well just bring the whole bottle. In my younger days, this might not be sufficient, but now it mainly exists to be shared with the buddies while we're out and about. 8 oz seems to be the perfect amount to keep me happy and share a pull or two.

    i also own an 18 oz, that rarely gets used. It's good for weddings that have no open bar! I usually have to make the lady carry it, but she doesn't mind because its free booze.

    has anyone here ever used rum runners? This might be a good thread to start, but we went on a cruise last summer and brought them. We ended up bringing four bottles onto the ship (we didn't really need that much, but we were sure only half would make it through security). They earned my seal of approval, and then some! We bought an unlimited soda and juice card and mixed most of our own drinks the whole week. Considering the cocktails we purchased on board were around $10 a piece, I'd say it was a great investment.
  10. Six to eight ounce flask is plenty. I have a six oz one from when I was a best man many years ago. I'm looking at the Stanley 8 0Z to replace it. That's plenty for a night out. If I'm going for more than one night I'll bring a bottle and refill.
  11. I picked this little 4oz flask up when on vacation in The Azores several years ago. Stainless steel, wrapped in Portuguese cork. Small, but the perfect size for what I use it for - walking the dog on cold nights.


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