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I am 69 years old and with the exception of one year in College I have always shaved with a DE razor, cake soap and brush. I fully get that this Forum is membered by DE shave aficionado's and in no way am I trying to ruffle any feathers here. My only intention is to post what I have done most of my life and in the real world of "pressed for time" shaving. There are times I go through the whole shaving rigamarole and do enjoy it. Most of the time I am going somewhere, meeting someone or going out to dinner and don't have the luxury of a full procedure 3 separate pass shave.

So here is what I do and it is quite simple. Not only does it take about 1/3 the time, but it gives me about 98% of a BBS shave too! When I apply lather I do so generously, and work on one quadrant at a time ONLY. I shave with the grain, then without rinsing the razor off, I shave against the grain, then a quick and slight light rinse of razor and then across the grain. By not rinsing the razor well, you keep lubrication on it. Soap remains on your face and it isn't dried up yet - that's why I one quadrant at a time. After the 3 quick passes, I go on to the next quadrant and do the same. This simple shave procedure produces a really great everyday shave, almost as good as when the whole lengthy procedure is done and my face is a less abraded as well. Of course this requires a good shave soap or cream that will hold up! On occasion, a little bit more soap can be used if necessary, but usually I don't as this tends to clog up the razor more and requires a thorough rinsing - not what I want. This works so well I do this more times than not.

This "quick shave" is not meant to replace what many here thoroughly enjoy, but being retired for almost 15 years now, I've got a lot to do these days - lol! Seriously, I feel busier now than when I worked - but the key is I am enjoying myself so much more now! Anyone pressed for time or who doesn't feel like spending 15 minutes in front of the mirror should try this if they haven't already.
Today I forgot to shave because i was doing Self Haircut, did not realize until I put shampoo on head & face.

Realizing I forgot to shave, no big deal I am retired.

Will have extra growth to remove Thursday, no big deal.

What work for one person don’t work for everyone.
No feathers ruffled here! I am always looking for process/technique improvements. Interesting concept for sure.

I may have to try it. The couple issues you alluded to seem key to me: using a soap that will hold up and not allowing the razor to get too clogged up.

@lasta's question seems relevant - time saving ideas on pre shave and lather prep?

Also, does this technique work when you have several days of growth?
Finishing off one plot at a time sounds great, thanks!

But any tips on saving time on pre-shave and lather building?

IMO, between picking up the razor and rinsing everything off is less than a quarter of the shave!
I always use a shave mug - I have each soap I use in one. I fill the mug with hot water about a minute prior to shaving and soften it up. Then I let the hot water soften and heat up the brush, then just whip up a nice lather right in the mug. That give me a great thick and rich lather to use in less than a minute. I immediately rinse out the lathered soap from the mug - there's always more than enough on the brush if more is needed and I like to let the mug & soap dry before putting it away.

On another note, most of today's soaps like Tobac, Mama Bear's, Arko are scented way more than soaps used to be. Years ago, scents were extremely mild and today's strong scents are a bit annoying to me. I usually do not cover the stronger ones up - I let them kind of air out however Tobac, Moma Bear's and Arko never seem to lose their strong scent! I like a very mild scent like Van Der Haven and the old Col. Conks Bay Rum.
Thanks for sharing. I might give this a go for an office day. Interested to know if it indeed speeds up the process without sacrificing on results. Cool!




three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Thanks for sharing. I'm retired, but when I was teaching I never needed a quick shave - I set the alarm early enough that I could shower/shave enjoy a cup of coffee with the morning paper and then still arrive 45 minutes early for school. For me it was a better way to start the day, and the copy machine didn't have 15 people in line waiting for their chance.
I tried it this morning following @D/E Bob routine using Derby and ARKO shaving soap sticks mixed and a Weidi (Baili) adjustable and SuperMax (2) DE Blade. A great shave (BBS) and the quadrant approach for WTG, ATG and XTG strokes without rinsing, albeit a light splash before the XTG pass does save a lot of time. Also I felt the skin less disturbed by the clinical scrapping of the blade against the skin. -I will do this again. Thanks for sharing @D/E Bob
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