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There is STILL TIME to order from Captain's Choice!

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The first review is in on our new RazoRock for Captain's Choice shaving soap. And yes, that is one of our custom lather bowls in the photo which the customer also ordered. Those lather bowls can really help whip up a storm!


"I recently had a chance to try the Captains Choice RazoRock Bay Rum Shaving Soap. It is a very good natural soap with excellent skin care but what really blew me away was the slickness of this soap. It is made with the Argan oil and this must be the contributing slick factor. It does smell exactly like you would expect not under scented or over scented but just right and pairs perfectly with all three of his aftershaves. I guess I was looking for a nice soap to get me through these cold winter months and The Captain has put a little spice back into my shaving routine!!"
these are the times that make me want a facebook account. hahaha. I'd love to try some of the razorock soaps, looks like ill be placing an order soon then.
Thanks Cap'n. Ordered the Razorock soap with a few other goodies from IB. I'm really looking forward to the soap. Merry Christmas
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