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The Superior Shave - primitive, but excellent

Reviving and old thread... Jarrod and family has survived Irma... very happy that he did not loose his business, he is my favorite vendor, and a super nice guy!
I have been wanting a Simpsons badger brush but was having trouble making up my mind on which one I wanted. While looking them up online I came across The Superior Shave website (www.thesuperiorshave.com) and I'm glad I did. I love how they have pictures and dimensions of the actual individual brushes for sale, as it made me realize that there were differences in the dimensions of brushes of the same make and model. I decided on a Simpsons Tulip 3, picked the one with the dimensions that seemed the best to me out of the Tulip 3's in stock, and I cant wait to try it out.
I'm down in Jacksonville for the day, so I just Ubered over to the Superior Shave to check it out. CLOSED! Darn it. He was putting tin foil on the door so no one could see the inventory. I tapped, he opened the door, confirmed that they're closed.

I guess I shoulda called first.

I bought several straights from them over the last year +.

Too bad. Hopefully they're simply relocating, but he was obviously not a happy man when he answered my question.

Shave on, gents!
Fair enough. I got the idea that if I'd been there just a couple of hours earlier...

But maybe it's been a done deal for a bit.

Good to hear he's not going away completely. I love the pictures of individual specialty items that he does.


B&B membership has its percs
Too bad, I hate to hear of another B&M biting the dust, following in the footsteps of Straight Razor Designs and I'm sure others. To be fair, although I supported both repeatedly, in all cases it was interweb only. The only specialty shave goods shop I've ever set foot in was Maggards, and even though they are in the neighborhood (60 miles) my actual in person purchases there outnumbered by online orders from them by 20 to 1.
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