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The most perfect woman in the world.

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Watch with volume up. If your missus is nearby, put on your headphones and tell her you're watching the Olympic trials.

:001_wub: :001_wub: http://vimeo.com/45784191 :001_wub: :001_wub:

BTW, there's nothing inappropriate in the movie, but watch it at your own risk: my love life is now cactus. No woman I will ever meet can live up to this.


I always appreciate beautiful women with talent. But what really makes her attractive is the infectious, genuine smile she has throughout the video.


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I would be smiling and dancing around too if I knew I could smoke the other competitors like that ;).
That was awesome and her smile is insanely infectious. If I were 20, I would travel halfway around the world to woo her just so I could be dismissed as unsuitable in person.

She's cool.
Thanks for sharing.
I decided to try dancing around like that to warm up for the staff meeting. The response I got was much less favorable than she's getting here. Great talent is always under appreciated.
Holy crap! To quote the movie Crazy Stupid Love, she's "wildly sexy and unbelievably cute at the same time."

But y'know what's better? She's got talent to back it up. She smoked that field there, and smiled the whole way.
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