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The "fine print" on a Bismarck Razor box

Some will say no doubt I have wayyyyy too much time on my hands. However, I am posting the wording on the box my vintage Bismarck Registered 6/8 straight razor came in. Both front and verso of the box are shown in attached photographs. The front simply states: BISMARCK RAZOR Made In Germany.... The verso is quite lengthy and is both a testimonial of sorts from The Bismarck Razor Works and some instructions on use. The left side verso is printed as such:

"The Bismarck Razor is highly recommended. It's quality is superior to that of any other. The brand is well known and it's introduction in record time is due solely to it's merits. It is used by Barbers with the greatest satisfaction as well as private individuals. The Bismarck is made of the very best english silver steel and is hollow ground under expert control. Every razor is guaranteed.


The right side verso is printed as such:

Directions for use. --- Before using the razor strop it carefully as by doing so it will not be necessary to have it set or ground. When shaving, lay the razor flat as possible on the surface of the skin, there is less risk of cutting yourself if this is done. After use, clean and dry the razor and wipe the blade so as to keep it polished. Always use good quality shaving soap free from soda. When purchasing a razor, ask for a Bismarck and see that you get it.
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Good stuff! Usually boxes are too worn to read much, so this is helpful if someone has been trying to figure it out :001_smile

There is a mint Bismarck at an antique mall by me for a reasonable price. I have been tempted to pick it up as I haven't had one yet... but I have way to many others right now! :001_rolle
Yes, except for the apostrophe catastrophes. They repeatedly wrote it's when they meant its. Tsk tsk...

At least they had their priorities right: proper grinding and honing trumps proper punctuation!

That could have been my iPhone horrid autofill feature... It changes its to it's rather automatically.

BTW, the Bismarck razor itself has been a very fine performer two days running.
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