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FS Shield Ti Cerakoted AC Razor / Triceratop 3D Printed GEM Razor

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For Sale:
1. Sheild Ti Cerakoted AC Razor with travel case. The razor is cerakoted black and resembles the Vector. The handle is 90 mm long and 11 mm wide. The head is narrow with a square stud. The gap is 1.15 and exposure .12 . I have been using a Pro Super which makes this razor on the aggressive side say 8/10. I think other choices which are shorter would be in most people's sweet spot. The weight is only 37 grams. The finish is beautiful. I will load the razor with a Pro Super to try. Please let me if you like them and I will send the rest free of charge.
$107 includes Priority Shipping USA only.

2. Triceratop 3D printed razor made for me by Shapeways and created by Bob Quinn. I am selling because I have another one which I am keeping.
This is a great shaving Gem razor which can hold its own to any Gem. Because of its weight (8.5 grams) the first pass is a little noisy.
Please note: I will be leaving a dulled blade for shipping purposes in the razor as a reference guide exactly where the blade should be in the razor. The blade loads from the back and the handle is slightly tightened to lock in the blade.
$27 includes shipping USA only.
On both items PP fees included in sale price.

IMG_0245 - Copy.JPG
The Gem Triceratops razor is no longer for sale. However, the Shield Ti AC is still available.
Unfortunately the buyer (not on this forum) never paid.
Back up for sale for $99 includes USA shipping & fees.
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