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The Colonel has retired

For this morning's shave, I broke out the Colonel Conk Lime soap. At one time, I really like this soap, but after one pass, I pried it out of the mug and tossed it in the soap dish. I've been getting such fantastic shaves from the rest of my collection, I just couldn't make myself be satisfied with the Colonel's very average performance.

I'm still a big fan of their Bay Rum soap and may one day revisit the lime, but for now, it will not be going near my shave brush.
Kyle, I once had the bay rum soap also, and I enjoyed it a lot. My dad gave it to me when I was visiting my parents in Florida. That's another soap I wouldn't mind getting my hands on, but it's not sold here in Montreal where I live.

I like the "non-clear" non-glycerin based Col Conk soaps, and find them to be formitable.... in fact the Col Conk Almond is my favorite almond scented soap/cream. The Glycerin based Col Conk soaps (IE the limes, amber, etc) I think are medeocre, AT BEST. I haven't used the glycerin based col. conk in probably 3.5 years, but I remember distinctly disliking it, and much prefering burma shave, and williams!
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