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That didn't go well.

My order arrived from Enchante, I bought the entire kit and the brush. Based on what I've been able to pick up here and a few other places I had my first shave with everything today (2nd shave, I don't like to do that).

I soaked the cube and brush, worked the cube, added water to the breech and worked the cube, added HydroLast Paste and water and worked the cube again, added more paste and water and hit the cube. When I put the brush to my face and started to work the brush I got a lot of lather and I thought I was doing ok. I stopped long enough to put the brush down and grab my razor, when I looked up I could see the lather disappearing before my eyes. I would guess I didn't have enought water in the brush. Thoughts?

I added more water and more paste and hit the cube again. This time the lather lasted long enough to make a pass. I added more water to the breech and lathered up for #2, again I watched the lather melt away.

I finished #2 but my face hasn't felt this raw in a long time.

Open to any and all suggestions.
hmmmm - sounds to me like you're (maybe) not loading the brush with enough "cube." When you add so much water - you need to have a thick enough "slurry" to hold up to shaving.

I don't remember where I read it - but when you think you've got enough suds from the cube: pump the brush up and down on it until if firms up the lather (at least that's what I do).

I also add just a touch of Proraso green or Trumper's Rose to add a little scent to the mix. I have to believe it would help stabilize your mixture, too. Although I'm sure it's stepping out of the bounds of the METHOD.

Screw it - it works for me! :001_tt2:
Did exactly as you did. It was suggested that I hit the cube longer. That didn't work either. What I did was rub a small amount of paste on my face after I apply the slag. Then I add paste to the brush. After I hit the cube again, it seems to work much better. I'm not sure where I read it, but it was suggested to use more paste than you think. It was a good suggestion for me.

Most everyone here has hit on the main issues that create this sort of a problem. First, work that cube for a long time. With the new brush you should be able to get a very dense and very thick foam coming off the cube as you work it. Also use more of the paste, and I preffer to apply it directly to my face and then work the brush with the cube soap on my face.

For those of you who think we point our nose up at you for adding a touch of cream... Well of course we do... JUST Kidding. Method shaving is a frame work and what you need to do is make it work perfectly for you. What ever than Method may be!!!

Let us know how you progress with everything.
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