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Tea Drinkers- What do you start your day with?

I recently ran out of one of my favorite morning teas, Harney and Sons Supreme Breakfast Blend and I am on the hunt for a replacement. I usually drink this tea on weekday mornings and switch over to an Earl Grey on the weekends.

Thought I would reach out to the fine folks here to see what you are brewing to get your day started.

90% of the time it is a green tea. Of greens: 75% of those would be Japanese - sencha, matcha, gyokuro or kamairicha. 25% a Chinese green - long jing, mao jian, mao feng, an ji bai pian etc. Oolongs comprise the remaining 10% of what I start the morning with.


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Whatever I feel like.

White, green, yellow teas in the summer, pu-er in the winter, oolong all year long.
Great question. I am interested in knowing what tea fans start their day with as well.

I am so accustomed/addicted to coffee that my day always starts with coffee unless I visiting someone/someplace where tea is the norm, and then its whatever they are drinking, usually some black tea.
i dont usualy have time for tea the way i do it lol so if i have anything its usualy a espresso shot. tea is reserved for relaxing meditative time... or when theres a online music festival then i break out the yixing and have a near constant stream of music and sheng pumped into me. 4 days and nearly 2L of castoffs. (rinses and the last drops in the cup) im usualy tea drunk halfway through the day at one of these.
Wow, I feel kinda bad. I don't have a regular tea that I start the day with. Just pull something out of the cabinet and brew up what ever strikes my fancy that day. Today, I am finishing up some Formosa Ruby Black from yesterday.


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If I'm at work and I didn't bring anything with me, I'll have a Tim Hortons Honey Lemon tea.
At home I drink Roiboos or Herbal tea.
I'm a fan of David's Tea tea.
A few months ago I gave up coffee altogether so was looking for a stronger tea. Therefore, in the morning I drink rip pu erh tea, about 4 cups of it. Then later in the day I switch to the raw pu erhs.
If I have time in the mornings I'll do a puerh session when I want tea to start the day. But that's on the days that I don't have coffee, or engage in a session of yerbe mate.
Hmmmm well I typically brew up what ever I feel like for that moring. However If you took away all my teas ( I have to many) and made me choose one then I would have to choose my Irish Breakfast tea. I have 2 diffent ones I have Stash Super Irish Breakfast and Golden Moon tea Irish Breakfast Special Reserve tea ( Golden moon tea is only a few hours from me so If I place a order and it ships same day then I can get it the next day with there flat rate shipping which is awesome). I need to use up more of my teas before I order some pu-erh (I have a sample),white tea(I have a sample) and yellow tea.
I like black tea. If I have to go somewhere special to get it, and this place doesn't sell shaving gear, I don't want it.

Yeah, I'm cranky....dam it.


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Been drinking a lot of Alishan lately. It's probably the least expensive of the top tier areas of Taiwan.
I most always start off with black China tea, my favorite is Yunnan Fancy. If not that I would choose Lapsang Souchong. Between fine razors, good pocket knives and excellent tea life is good. :biggrin1: