Tea Drinkers- What do you start your day with?

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by BladeDE40, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. ouch

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    That's a good argument for having less free time.
  2. Breakfast , then raw puer
  3. Yerba Mate, every morning, every day and all day long.
  4. nff


    well i'd usually end my day off with tea. and its never from a tea bag
  5. I start with coffee, often espresso, at home. At work I drink green tea all day, and usually it's sencha. Today I'm drinking tencha, and I like it, but I like sencha more. At night I like to drink aged sheng, wuyi, or dancong. ~grasshopper
  6. Toothpick

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    coffee. *gasp* i'm addicted to coffee in the mornings. Chuck Full of Nuts is my choice. BUT i finish the day with tea. usually bout 8ish. i take more pride in my tea choices than my coffee choice.

  7. fauchon earl grey
  8. pg tips green leaf..
  9. 70% of the time, I start the day with a cup of Earl Grey Cream from David's Tea. Sometime I drink Hojicha but most of the time its my evening tea.
  10. nff


    you can tell the Canadians by whoever mentions Davids tea. as i said before mornings are for coffee. but the evenings i usually drink pu-erh or oolongs. the odd green every now and again also.
  11. I've been drinking fennel tea. It's not store bought, I just crush the seeds a bit, steep and strain my own.
  12. You can't go wrong with PG tips or East Frisian Blend from uptontea.com
  13. Twinings Irish Breakfast tea for me
  14. Honeybush.
    Bought it asvan alternative to rooibos and liking it.

    Or green sencha.
  15. fauchon earl grey.
  16. I start every morning with either Irish or English Breakfast. As the day goes on I will make the switch to Earl Grey.
  17. Or if they mention Tim Hortons lol.
  18. I like a strong black tea in the morning like English breakfast or Irish Breakfast. Ill sometimes have green. Ive been on a Genmaicha kick recently.
  19. Twinings Earl Grey, nothing else compares.....
  20. Depends on the morning. These days it's often a puerh or maybe some barley tea. If it's a bad morning I might reach for a really strong and dark oolong like Shui Hsien.

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