Tea Drinkers- What do you start your day with?

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by BladeDE40, Aug 15, 2012.

    I always drink Red Rose black tea. It just works.
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    Had a decent shui jin gui this morning.

    Nice choice on the shui hsien. I find the darker oolongs have much more personality than almost any of the blacks, which may as well all be the same*. Sometimes I wonder why people drink green or black tea at all, when oolong covers praqctically the entire spectrum.

    *Except, of course, if you're referring to a bai lin, tanyang, dian hong, zhenghe or other very specific tea.
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  2. Today: Steven Smith - Lord Bergamot
  3. Ok when you talk about Tea drinkers your talking Welsh ! what do I mean ? ok , as Im sure most of you know Britain is a Nation of tea drinkers, and non more so than us Welsh people. I my self drink loads of the stuff, and to be honest as I write this my wife is makes some right now. If you want a tea that is a true king then you have to go for a tea by the name of Glengettie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrH242Gu1UI
  4. Irish or English Breakfast Tea. Later in the day, maybe some Earl Grey. Totally lost when it comes to anything fancier than that.
  5. Some days I start off with a cheap Ten Ren Ti Kuan Yen. Other days I drink Ippodo Sencha, Orita-en Sencha, or Ippodo Genmaicha. I never drink Puerh in the morning. In fact, I have been drinking less and less Puerh. Perhaps I am loosing my taste for Puerh.

    I prefer loose leaf teas. I usually don't have a lot of time at work to fool around with tea and lately I have been putting loose leaf in a tea bag to brew. It has worked out ok.
  6. Earl Grey
  7. Tetley's British blend most mornings. Glad to see some "regular" tea drinkers in here, though it must sound like dreck to the regulars in this forum.
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    Tetley's sounds like dreck. Nah. Sounds more like haggis. :biggrin1:
  9. Usually a 1st Flush Darjeeling in AM. Afternoon...Greens......Not a fan of heavy teas.
  10. Put me down for Tetley's "dreck" or Lyons green label.
    I was born in The Liberties (The Coombe) in dublin,The irish drink tea like the italians drink espresso.
    Strong and somtimes with milk.
    Irish tea is not for the dillettante or the faint hearted. It will put hair on the palms of your hand.
    You could stand a horseshoe in my aunts tea.
    And yes i do know about horseshoes,My grandfather was a saddler and had a shop in the Haymarket.
    I played around there everyday after school.(circa 1952). the farrier was across the square,and the ironmonger next to him.
    We used to run between the legs of the draught horses for fun.
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  11. green coconut chai
    from gypsy tea

    or hibiscus blend from davidsons teas.

    awaiting gypsy's mint tea. I normally buy in bulk by the lb.
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    As someone who grew up on "dreck" ... I can understand its appeal. Until, that is, you try something better.

    The problem with statements like that, though, is they can sound elitist and snobbish if said the wrong way, and for some guys they sound elitist no matter what.

    But everyone understands, for example, the difference between an inexpensive (aka cheap) scotch and a good single malt ... everyone understands the difference between a fantastic steak and a poor one ... but once we move over to tea, all of a sudden things become different. I guess it's because, unlike scotch and steak, there's a vastly different means of preparation involved ... you go from big ceramic brown betty pots and teabags to tiny gaiwan and unglazed pots, and strange looseleaf tea and tea in cakes and bricks ... a totally different world.

    But yes, it is big difference and (for those willing to invest the added preparation work &c) a big improvement. But if you enjoy your Tetley or what have you, nothing wrong with that either.
  13. My favorite is Milk Oolong, I like to start my day with it and beautiful classical music. My latest musical discovery was a cd called "Pavane", by Maxim Rysanov, found by me at eclassical.com. There are so many compositions of my fasvorite french composers like Debussy, Dubugnon, Faure and Ravel and my favorite compositions Gabriel Fauré’s “Après un reve” and “Pavane”, Claude Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” are also there! I love listening to it drinking my favorite tea at the same moment)
  14. I like a nice Assam with cream and sugar in the morning.
  15. Mine of my faves is Ten Ren Kings Green Oolong.
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    I think the ginseng completely ruins the taste.

    Amazingly, NYC absolutely stinks for purchasing tea, although that may apply to the entire country. I would rate Ten as number one in the city, but I'm admittedly biased- I already have a boatload of pu'er sacked away, and I love Taiwan oolongs.
  17. While I like regular oolongs, I really like the different flavor the ginsing brings to the Kings. Gotta be the green though, tried the dark and about spit it out.
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    Taiwan is not the place to go if you're looking for darker oolongs. A notable exception would be a bai hao 'champagne' oolong.
  19. Funny how everyone's tastes are different... I'm not a fan of green teas and my favorite dark oolong is Min-Pei from the Wu Yi mountains.
    Lapsang Souchong is my go-to tea but, I also gotta have a Lipton with lemon once in a while.
    My first cup today, was a 2011 Mandala Phatty Puerh cake. Look at me! Wooo hooo! I'm a tea snob!
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