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What's your routine throughout the day?

I know most of us have a routine that starts our day, and it usually involves shaving and grooming. But what's it like throughout the day? I have certain things I use in the morning, and others at night. Usually, it goes something like this.

Hot shower
Warm up the face with hot water
Bowl lather with EverReady 150 brush and shaving mug
Bevel brand (disposable) safety razor (although I have some new things just arrived)
Aftershave (favorites are my vintage Skin Bracer, vintage English Leather, and the newer Wild Country)
Deodorant (I'm fond of Speed Stick products, for their good scents and lack of aluminum in most formulations)
Choose a pocket knife, grab my watch, and off to work.

I run a lot at work constantly, so about midday I'll refresh my deodorant from a supply I keep in my office. I have two favorites right now--Speed Stick's 'Fresh' and their Irish Spring variant.

After changing for the evening I do a good wash up, dry my face well, then use a cooling application of Humphrey's natural witch hazel toner (with vitamin E and aloe) on my lower face. From the jawline up I use a good rubbing of Dove Men's Care Hand-Face-Body cream. I've found it helps my skin overnight and when I'm getting up the next morning, especially since I'm getting a little older. If the family (or the wife and myself) are going out somewhere I'll clean up well and do a spritz of a regular cologne--lately is a bottle I bought from a fragrance dealer at the local flea market, that's called 'Azure Noir' (more on that later).

It's gotten to where I look forward to these times, but from what I've read elsewhere on the forum I would guess that's not unusual.
After shaving:

1. Morning errands, family and / or medical
2. Visit son's apartment to walk our grandpuppy, 'Lil' Ralphie.
3. Afternoon errands, family and / or medical.
4. 'Veg'
Retired but…..
kick dog out
start coffee and pan
splash cold water on face, brush teeth, pee
cook ham, egg sandwiches for wife and I, feed dog.

morning varies, today was sand 4 doors, spray coat of high build primer.
drywall mud cracks to large
work with dog on heeling. (Twice)

lunch typically peanut butter sandwich, today left over chili

sand bathroom walls knock down texture, rough up semi gloss paint
refill certain holes, cracks
train dog on heeling
after 6 hours from morning, flip doors, primer other side, probably around 5-6 tonight

eat what she cooks for dinner
read a book. No tv except for news.
Up around 6am, ready for work and hopefully leave by 6:30. I don’t usually shave in the morning unless I get up really early for some reason. Listen to news on the way in ~12-14min commute. Work days, home to get the youngest from school, sports routine (soccer, lacrosse, horseback riding, basketball, etc.). Oftentimes a “late dinner”, for American standards, sometimes 7-8pm start time. The shave usually happens when kids are in bed or at least set for the night. I prefer to shave then shower. Despite the bathroom vent fan I still get my mirror fogged up and I like to shower after shaving, I always have even before I start DE wet shaving.
Sometimes I tinker with the shave den for a bit then bed. Occasionally watch a TV show but often end up documenting my shave on the Shaving Den app, browsing B&B, listening to music and get ready to do it all again the next day.
Nap yesterday was outstanding. Asleep instantly. 30 mins on the dot. Started to dream. Woke up refreshed and recharged.

In my work life I would have decried afternoon naps. But now that I’ve left all that silliness behind, I find napping to be an excellent way to spend a half-hour.
Also retired. Since downsizing from house to apartment in 2020, my day is 8:30 wake-up; coffee until I make breakfast around 10; 12 to 4 pm is my gin time with some reading, PC games, or a silent film if my wife is out. After a short nap, it's dinner and TV with my wife until midnight. After almost 55 years, we both enjoy doing nothing and being boring together.
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Another retired geezer here, so no real daily agenda.

Daily routine usually starts around 4:30AM - my favorite alone time. Nuke my first mug of yesterdays coffee, watch local weather & sports, then read the "paper" - obituaries actually, looking for anyone I know...nuke second mug and set up coffee maker so the boss has fresh brewed when she awakens.

Around 6:00AM, my 10 year old shadow dog usually moseys down the stairs to start her day...my cue to splash water on my face, pee...and feed her (the Farmers Dog makes it easier!), then out the door for our morning hike through the hills, usually taking 30 - 45 minutes.

After that, it's anybody's guess. Today was drive to my neighbors at 7:30 and cut logs for firewood, loaded the rounds onto my truck, drove home. Then split and stacked for an hour trying to beat the heat.

Showered and shaved at 11:30, BLT's with the boss before she left for grocery shopping. Tried to nap but the dog wanted my attention, so we played.

4:00PM feed the dog and most days a short half mile walk around the block. This is usually the end of her active day and she is very chill for the rest of the day.

We usually eat a light meal around 5:00, I normally shower and sometimes shave around 6:30, put the Yankee game on and fall asleep before the bullpen blows another lead (see Boston Red Sox game of July 5).

We usually turn in by 9 - 9:15.

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