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Taylor's Old Formula Tubes

Hey guys,

How can you tell if a tube of Taylor's is old or new formula. I know for the tubs you can tell by the color of the writing and its being written on the tub instead of a sticker. I ran accross a tube of avocado that had a brown label but I couldn't smell it well enough to notice a difference between it and the tub of the new stuff.


About a month ago, I received an email from Taylors saying that all tubes of Avocado are still the old forumulation. I'm not sure if this is still true.
In a sense...I was hoping it was unavailable...now I'll have to indulge in a tube..I'll let you know if it smells different.

How about the rose? I've heard the old in that is excellent.
Not sure. Here's the email I received.
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We do not know which of the stores we supply in the USA still have stock of the old formulation.

However, all of the Avocado Shaving Cream Tubes 75g are still the old formulation.

Kindest Regards,

Taylor of Old Bond Street
Buy them all and send them to me. I will identify them, take my tax, and send them back to you. :tongue_sm :lol:

We could have a little "Antiques Roadshow" moment.
I can see it now...hmmm...based on the scent and coloring this appears not to be of the old formulation Taylors...(pan to John's face with dissapointment) but rather appears to be the less sought after new formulation. But thanks for stopping by and sharing...as John walks away with his head down.
hahahaha...yeah that'd be the way of it probably. I might pick up a tube of the rose and the avacado. I'll let you know how it goes.
It'll completely depend on how much Taylors have in stock, at the moment I'm sure you'll get the old formulation without too many problems. Next will come the lucky dip stage where the shops won't really know which is which. Finally, the new formulation will take over.

I'm about 2 miles from Taylors shop, perhaps I'll look in one day this week and check with them.
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