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Taylor Colognes

I am going to be placing an order with Robert at The Gentlemans Shop since he has been so kind to extend a discount. What Taylors colognes would you recommend? I know that scent is obviously a personal preference but unfortunately Taylor doesn't offer samples to try. I figure if anything I could put them up for sale/trade if I don't like them. It looks like they have Sandlewood, Mr. Taylor and St. James...I really wish they had Shaving Shop and No. 74 Limes also...
I just ordered the Sandalwood from TGS, unsmelled. It had such a great reputation on SMF that I figured it would be a no-brainer for the price.
Yeah..I ended up ordering them. They seem to have good reputations so I figured if for some reason I didn't care for one I can put it up for sale/trade. I was placing an order of the T&H Classic Balm and 1805 EDT so I figured I shouldn't pass up the price on the Taylor scents.
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