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Tabactober 2022

Tabactober Shave 31!

What a great month! Tabactober enabled to successfully complete my first SOTM!

Thanks @FoolishMortal !
Well, gents, that's another Tabactober in the books. Thanks to all who joined me this year; whether it was your first or you're a glutton for punishment, and no matter if you were all-in or non-committal, you made this thread a happy place. I salute you all and I'll hope to see you again next year.

And for my final Tabactober shave:

  • FOCS
  • Nacet (23)
  • No-name deer-horn mystery badger
  • Tallowbac! - SOTM and Tabactober
  • WH w/menthol, LTFT
  • Stirling South Padre ASB
  • Vintage Avon Bay Rum AS
A cleansing shave.

I had skipped a couple of days and decided to pull out the Fatip Open-Comb Slant. It did not disappoint, shearing off the whiskers with ease and no irritation. It doesn't give me the closest shave, but it's darned comfortable. And, of course, Tabac did what Tabac does, providing copious, slick, protective lather with ease.

Thanks for organising this Brandon @FoolishMortal - I had fun exploring this new to me soap. Wondering if you are subconsciously influencing me to even try Arko now?!
What's next? For November, I mean.
Well it’s not specifically soap related, but might I suggest:

Tue 1 Tabactober
Brush Yaqi 26mm Moka Express 2 Band Badger
Razor Parker SemiSlant
Blade Bolzano Superinox 3rd
Aftershave Clubman Whiskey Woods
Last use of the tabac for 2022. Will save this top-shelf soap for another year. Absolutely awesome quality lather, and the brush, and aftershave are great as well...
This blade was just super in this slant razor. Super smooth, comfortable, and efficient in 3passes for a bbs finish...
Tabactober's 21st and last shave: - YUMA + Sputnik combo (5th time)

Preshave: hot water + Arko face-lathered
Razor: YUMA (5)
Blade: Sputnik Teflon(5)
Soap: Tallowbac (puck)
Brush: Omega 80265 (red) + bowl
Post-shave: alum block + water-based moisturizer

The main discovery during the month was, that Tallow-Tabac required neither complicated rituals nor prayer to give out great lather. It's excellent.
Tabactober/OCtober the Eighth
Tradere OC, Timor (3), Wee Scot, Tabac, Captains Choice Bay Rum aftershave

Didn't have time to post yesterday, so it's going up today.

What a night and day difference it is, running the Timor in the Tradere instead of the Lupo. All the irritation is gone and the shave is downright excellent!
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Tabactobernovember shave 8.

Razor: Gillette Guard (0)
Brush: Semogue 1800
Lather: Tabac Puck (tallow)
Result: 11/10

It’s crazy how life goes sometimes. Back when I started wet shaving with a brush and a soap, I had found the mojo without knowing it! While the best razor had yet to be found, I had so many great shaves using the Semogue 1800 boar brush and the Tabac puck soap. I vastly prefer boars for loading off a hard puck. There’s something about it that a badger can’t quite match. And a broken in boar is truly feels like a fluffy cloud with some backbone! So much spent on badgers…

I really hope Tabac didn’t kill this soap in the new vegan formulation. I have 3 full pucks of the tallow so if they did, I have a solid decade of shaves left since I only rock the Tabac when it’s cooler out, shave every other day, and use very little product.

The Gillette Guard is such an excellent shaver. It’s super comfortable and efficient. I did my usual 1.5 passes and am close, clean, smooth and feel like a million bucks. Epic shave day!

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