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Tabactober 2022

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Tabactober 16 of 16

Razor: Merkur 34 HD C
Blade: Rubie (2)
Soap: Tabac Tallow
Brush: Boar brush Proraso
AS: Clubman pinaud + Nivea balm

Last shave of the month. That bowl of soap has quite a few month left in it ... shall I say years ?

3 days worth of growth and a bit of post shave irritation ... Not sure how I feel about this blade but I'll keep on shaving with it.
30/31 GRUMER, day 30
Synthetic Sundays


Edwin Jagger 89
Feather Platinum (9)
Omega EVO 2.0

Hey Guys
Good shave today. Yesterday I used the Feather AS-D2 and had only an Okay shave. Today the EJ 89 glided smoothly to an enjoyable DFS finish. I guess the AS-D2 razor is going back in the drawer for a while. I still give the $20.00 Feather "Popular" 5 stars.

@Balin has started a 'Synthetic Sundays' thread so I get to post there today.
2022 Tabactober 30.jpg

Soap: Tabac Original (tallow)
Brush: Omega 10098
Razor: RazoRock Mamba 70
Blade: Astra SP
Aftershave: The Body Shop Maca Root Razor relief

This soap has 29 shaves on it. 28 shaves in October. This is how much I used during this time, compared to a brand new stick.
By the way, the new/unused Tabac (tallow) scent is floral and much lighter than my old one, which is about 10 years old.
This morning I got the soap out of its plastic holder and loaded while holding it in my palm, then lathered inside the scuttle. Much better shave. I can estimate that a Tabac soap stick would last me at least 90 shaves, which is quite a good value in my books.
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Tabactober done and dusted for another year. Shave number 31 this morning still using Tallow Tabac soap and my Flat Bottom Tech for another week. Tried a Timor blade this morning, first shave with the blade and not really impressed. Impressed with the shaving soap though.
October GRUME (30/31 days)---96.8% completed
Muhle Mondays


Muhle Birch Bark Rocca
Muhle Olive Wood XL brush
Feather Platinum (10)

Hey Guys
It has been a GREAT month participating in GRUME and Tabactober. It has been fun, entertaining and a good learning experience. I didn't get an A+ in GRUME but I'll settle for a 96.8% grade average. Thats a lot better than I did in school!

I will miss posting in Tallow-Tabac-Tuesday because I am doing a "No Shave Day" to honor cancer awareness month.

Today is the first day to have the Muhle razor and brush paired together. They are both beauties and perform excellent.

One final note, I am retiring the Tobactober avatar until next year and you can once again see my traditional 'hansom', debonaire, sophisticated and suave portrait. As Brandon a.k.a @FoolishMortal would say "Onward!" in November.
Last shave of the month but I have no intention of stopping any time soon. I love how close and soft my face is after a Tabac shave. I’m eager to try the new vegan formulation and hope the mojo remains!

Razor: Bic Twin Select (1)
Brush: Omega Pro 98
Lather: Tabac Stick (tallow)
Result: 9/10

I haven’t use a boar brush in forever and despite this brush having a massive knot, it was hard to splay and took a long time to get my lather just right. There’s nothing soft and comfy like a good synthetic. Going back to the latter as they are just great at face-lathering shave sticks. Great shave otherwise.
365 days of shaving306/305
OCtober27/31 (87%)
Tabactober16/31 (52%) or 17/31 (55%)

WXTG(2)Gillette Slide

ATG (2)Straight & Slanted
(S-N | cheeks)
(SW-NE | neck)

Efficiency & Effectiveness
Quality & Comfort
7/10 (~25 minutes)
5/10 (CCS)
10/10 (Clean)
5/10 (pulling)

Mühle R41 on Razorine 70 handleTiger Platinum (4)Kox Blue Synthetic
Soap & Bowl
Cold splash
Proraso Green
Tallow Tabac
Proraso bowl
Cold splash
KCG face wash
Chanel Allure (Balm)

Notes to today’s shave:

I have said it before - I have a love/hate relationship with my Tiger blades. The Tiger roared today and maybe was not a right match with the R41. The R41 on the other hand took no prisoners and the combination of the two lead to a rough shave. It got the job done and I was fit to go to work, but I definitely have another definition of pleasant shaves in my shave dictionary.

Tabac performed wonderfully and is an excellent addition to my soap rotation. I was in and out of Tabactober but it has been a fun ride. So thank you @JAHE for your perseverance on getting me to use this soap. The scent is still not my most favorite one, but the lather quality and shaving support I get from Tabac are almost second to none. So happy again to have experienced this.
Last shave for October 2022, thus completing my commitment to Tabac Original

Soap: Tabac Original (tallow)
Brush: TGN 24mm Finest Fan knot in Grosvenor handle
Razor: RazoRock Mamba 70
Blade: Astra SP
Aftershave: The Body Shop Maca Root Razor relief

Great shaves provided by Tabac shaving soap. Lessons learned during this time:
- I can shave daily with a shaving soap stick. Technique mastered.
- The post-shave feel is of a skin a bit dry as I noticed how tight it feels. That is before applying the balm. No issues for the rest of the day.

Thank you for organizing this and to all participants for posting here. I enjoyed sharing this with you and reading about your journey.

What's next? For November, I mean.
Well, gents, that's another Tabactober in the books. Thanks to all who joined me this year; whether it was your first or you're a glutton for punishment, and no matter if you were all-in or non-committal, you made this thread a happy place. I salute you all and I'll hope to see you again next year.

And for my final Tabactober shave:

  • FOCS
  • Nacet (23)
  • No-name deer-horn mystery badger
  • Tallowbac! - SOTM and Tabactober
  • WH w/menthol, LTFT
  • Stirling South Padre ASB
  • Vintage Avon Bay Rum AS
A cleansing shave.

I had skipped a couple of days and decided to pull out the Fatip Open-Comb Slant. It did not disappoint, shearing off the whiskers with ease and no irritation. It doesn't give me the closest shave, but it's darned comfortable. And, of course, Tabac did what Tabac does, providing copious, slick, protective lather with ease.

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