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Szekelya's brush making and restorations

Hi gentlemen.

First of all thank you very much for the great help I got here, both reading these forums, and answering my questions. I have learned a great deal of stuff here in the past months.

I'm a hobbyist, and wanted to create my own brushes. There are some pieces ready from the first batch, basically the first pieces of work I ever done, that I can hold in my hand, because so far all I did had a result on a computer screen.
I have further plans, with nicer wood, I want to buy olivewood and plum for the next round.

What I'm showcasing here are made of Khaya - african mahogany and Dibetou - african walnut. Six more brushes and a DE razor will come from this first batch, and probably a lot more and hopefully better quality photos. I just couldn't resist creating this thread already now. :)

Some more are ready, but this one is my favorite and just decided to keep it. Epoxy will cure by tomorrow morning, and I will try it. It will be my first shave with my own brush. I'm excited.

beehive sajat.jpg
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