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SWMBO Quotes

This morning I was shaving and my wife came in, looked at my shelf, and said "Are those brushes made out of rabbit hair?" I looked at her, confused. Then she said "Because they are multiplying!".

I guess my stealth brush buying isn't so stealthy after all.

Anyone else have some good quotes?
At first I heard the "how many faces do you have" joke. Now she's given up and just expects packages when she brings in the mail.
Mine calls Badger&Blade "Bowel and Bladder" (B&B is an abbreviation used at our work for going to the bathroom).
"You are not allowed to have that many brushes." after showing her the picture below found here.

Though I am still new, I have heard "you are obsessed" more than a few times when the girlfriend sees me on here or looking at auctions on my iPad.
My wife said, "Honey, I fully support this wholesome hobby of yours. I encourage you to seek out more rare and expensive razors."

And then I woke up.
Do eye rolling and exaggerated sighs count as comments?

No kidding. With all the $$$$$$$$$$ that gets spent on hair, nails, manicures/pedicures, MAKEUP!!!!, salt rubs, exfoliating whatevers, $10 bath bombs(that is $10 for ONE bath), a dozen flavors of shampoo, and lord knows whatever else she sneaks in under the radar, I get stink-eye'd for wanting to try out a few shaving products.
My favorite is when she refers to the act of shaving as "Badger & Blading." As in "Oh, you're going to go badger and blade your face, huh? See you in half an hour."
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