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Sweeney Todd: Taboo?

I've been wondering why I've never seen a thread discussing the Johnny Depp version of Sweeney Todd. Is it taboo? I thought it was really good, tho was amazed at just how many aspects of str8-shaving he managed to get wrong...stropping towards the edge for instance!
I liked the movie but I'm normally not one to look for defects in movies unless I get really bored and have seen them a million times then I start going biology student and disecting them like no tomorrow.
I think the film is brilliant. An excellent adaption of the Sondheim musical. I am sure that it has been discussed, but probably at least a year ago. I don't remember there being a specific thread devoted to the movie. Hopefully someone clever will find it/them and post a link.

The general concensus seemed to be that, although there were inaccuracies aplenty, it was a good film and great fun.

The down-side to the film is that my wife has banned me from owning a cut-throat!! :crying:
I have yet to be able to make it past the first 30 minutes or so of the movie. I have it on DVD and I do hope to get there one day.
It took me a while to get over the 100% musicalness of it but the 2nd time i watched it I could settle into it and really enjoy it...apart from the totally wimpy young love interest, who looks like a humanised stick insect. Its worth watching it though, just for the line "NOW MY ARM IS COMPLETE!" I laughed like Whorf when I heard that one
I'm a huge fan of the Broadway show, so I was a little annoyed by the movie's drop in vocal talent (and Tim Burton-ness). Decent, though.

I've mentioned this before, but Todd shaves Turpin with the driest, chalkiest lather I've ever seen.
What if someone "gifted" you one? It would be rude not to use it at least a few times. Right?

I think "borrowing" or "renting" one would be appropriate, since in that case you would not be owning it. Maybe you can get someone to accidentally leave one with you, of course, you'll be meaning to give it back.
I've been wondering why I've never seen a thread discussing the Johnny Depp version of Sweeney Todd. Is it taboo? I thought it was really good, tho was amazed at just how many aspects of str8-shaving he managed to get wrong...stropping towards the edge for instance!

This should probably be moved to the Barbership forum, but.....

For me, Sweeney Todd is the greatest musical ever written. I guess I was spoiled, because I saw the traveling show with Angela Lansbury and George Hearns, and own the original cast recording (in both LP and CD versions).

And for years, I was waiting for a brilliant movie adaptation to come out. And, I do believe, sometime in the future, one will come out. But the Burton version is an abomination on every front.

I don't even know where to begin. Depp is the least of the problems. That he can't sing and basically spends the whole movie in a catatonic state isn't the issue. Neither is Helena Bonham Carter's awful Mrs. Lovett.

The real issue is that Burton totally misunderstood what Sweeney Todd is about. It's not about a murderous barber and buckets of blood spurting from huge wounds.

It's about class warfare and the rebellion of the masses against the horrors of the industrial revolution, where a new ruling class of judges and businessmen and their sycophant beadles have replaced the ancient feudal system as the oppressor of the common people. Yet, at the same time, it's also about the mass's own penchant for self-destruction and masochostic pleasure in destroying themselves, rather than tearing down the order.

In the musical, this was most evident in the importance of the chorus. In the beginning and throughout the show, the chorus comments on the action, which is appropriate because "Sweeney Todd" began as a penny dreadful that was extremely popular among the working classes in Britain.

The chorus also plays key commentary roles in many scenes, including Todd's and Perelli's competition and, most importantly, in the "God That's Good!" scene where the customers are literally eating their own and enjoying it.

In the movie, whether for economic (can't afford to pay all those singers) or for simplification purposes (audience can't follow lots of people singing), Burton has no chorus singing. This omission not only removes one of the most powerful and relevant themes of the musical, it also deadens what is already a totally dead narrative pace.

This is a truly, truly, truly awful movie. If you really want to get the essence, see if performed live BY A QUALITY TOURING SHOW or look for the original Lansbury / Hearn Broadway video, which, while, unfortunately, captures Hearn on an off night, captures the excitement of the production extremely well.

Jeff in Boston
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1. The Gillette Tech is a fine, mild shaver and is an excellent choice for a beginner.

There - now this post can stay here instead of being moved to the Barbershop.

2. Yes, it is Taboo to discuss a movie about a crazed straight razor wielder on a shaving forum. I thinks it's about the third paragraph of the Rules of B&B. Check the Sticky or the Wiki.

3. Johhny Depp is over exposed and over rated, like Tom Cruise was before his fall from grace. His meaningful glances at the camera in almost every film he's in remind me of "Zoolander" and the looks the models used. At least in Zoolander, they knew it was a joke.

4. Sweeney Todd is a good musical though, almost as much fun as Pirates of Penzance. Doh! Inadvertant Pirate mention!!
The movie sucked. It could have been a half hour long had they just spoken those god awful songs that consisted of one salient point each. I think that's why nobody mentions it.
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