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surgical vs marine stainless steel

Almost all stainless steel DE razors that mention the type of stainless steel used say it's marine grade. How is this different from surgical grade stainless steel? I see some straights mention they are made from surgical grade stainless steel.
Any of those designations are worthless unless they specifically state the steel type. Even among the "stainless steel" types there are many different ones which differ in material composition and corrosion resistance.

I would suspect that most razors are made from either a 304 type (cheaper) or a 316 type (better, but more expensive). But both offer quite good corrosion resistance in day-to-day use.

That being said, for high-end razors the material cost is probably not really a factor.
All I can offer is that pocket knives with "surgical stainless steel" are often of lower quality. If you think about it surgical tools don't really have to have high durability. They need to be highly resistant to rusting, and especially so if they go in an autoclave for reuse. Pockets of rust would be a hiding place for germs.


“Marine grade” stainless steel refers to 316L. I believe “surgical grade” stainless is less defined, but generally refers to 316, 17-4, 440, and I think a couple others in the 400-series.
Great answer!

Doubt that there is much practical difference in razor durability or performance for the typical end-user.
Any SS razor will last longer than I will!! :a29:
Austenitic stainless steel grades can
not hold an edge .Thus ,straight razors
made of “ surgical grade “ stainless steel are most probably made with
martensitic or ferritic grades ,
like the 440 ( A,B,C & F ) or the
softer 420 .
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