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Comprehensive list of German made stainless steel steel safety razors

looking for a complete list of all the stainless steel razors that are both closed comb and made in Germany. full stainless including head! I am aware of the Muhle Rocca. I see Muhle makes a stainless reversion of the r41 but it is open comb. I would like closed comb.

Are there a lot of others from any brand?


Cool and slimy
Mühle Rocca
Pils (several models, like Pils 101 NE)
Greencult GC1
Greencult GC2

I just reintegrated Austria into Germany. I guess I will now be watched by the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz.

Edit: That's the full list, there are simply not many German made all stainless steel razors.
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