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Super bowl 2017 giveaway!

Oh my what is going on here!
Just to confirm, the last prize available is for 4th quarter/ game winner which means if it is a tied after the 4th quarter the last prize is given to the game winner.
What's going to happen...
Wow, that was a great game! Congratulations to the winners of this generous PIF and congratulations to the Patriots for not giving up after that 1st half

"Never trade what you want most, for what you want in the moment."

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Thank you to everyone that signed up for this contest! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. It was very exciting so I think I'll carry on this tradition throughout the year.
Congrats to our Final Score winner, hvacguy85 and a big thank you once again for signing up!
To the winners, I've sent a private message to each of you with instructions on how to get your free goodies.
Stan and Allison
Hi everyone, I just wanted report back after having received my prize. I decided on Castle Forbes Lavender cream and TOBS Cedarwood cream. Both products are very good, in both performance and scent. I want to focus my review on Ekinon, though. Yes, I received these products for free, but I'd still be very impressed with Ekinon if I'd been a paying customer.

The presentation and packaging are the best I've encountered. I especially liked that the box was wrapped in paper, making it easier to reuse. The receipt was in thick paper with a wax seal. There were also a few samples included. The prices of their products are very competitive and the free shipping threshold is lower than that of many other companies. And the communication with Stan was great. The only drawback I see is that their selection is not as extensive as you may be used to from other vendors, but that's to be expected with a newer company. I highly recommend Ekinon. :thumbup:
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